Maphack user Tan-G

Game is very passive, a bit bizarre since he does not scout much.

Look carefully and slowly at 19:30 mark : first look slowly with his vision then whole map reveal , he goes out with his whole army then watches several seconds my army in fog of war (very sus yet), THEN, still in fog of war, notices and watches my 20~ villagers just arriving on the big gold on the left starting to finish wall and towers to protect it, he suddently move a click directlty on it.

This may look thin and subtile but he’s 100% using maphack. He’s not very good at all, now imagine a “smart” player using cheats and playing ‘legit’.

Game :

cheater : Tan-G (chinese ofc)

Note: i made a report but i don’t trust this “system” at all since , first it’s impossible to know which platform is used by the accused player, unless it’s steam and his profile is private, which was not the case and makes yet the report very random, i mean i picked randomly a platform since i didn’t find him on steam.
Secondly, i have reported 6 of 7 players for 2 years now and never ever had a single feedback from your staff/dev team, like was i wrong? was the player banned then can you show me he’s account deleted …?etc

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Ony since a few days ago, I learned some players use map hacking or other cheats, and some of my games were lost to cheaters. I hate them so much. And I spent quite a lot of time to study how to verify map hacking.

Basically, you can check replay with:

  1. disable Free Camera, so you know how he position the camera on map.
  2. enable Show Waypoint Markers for Single Actions
  3. With the toggle Fog of War hotkey ready

I checked many games. And reported 3 players. (roughly 25% of games I played at the time of the 3rd report) The first 2 are obvious, e.g. a monk was set to pickup a relics in darkness, repeatedly put map focus is on my units without map vision etc. The 3rd report I honestly wasn’t sure, he did exceptional sheep collection, with an occassion his scout did a long range two points movement deep into darkness to try to pick up two sheep. (that could be coincidence.)

when i see your post, I am interested to learn how your opponent did map hacking. So I actually checked your game replay and recorded it.

For the game Tan-G Chinese vs JulyZerge HRE at Hidden Valley, sorry to tell you I don’t think Tan-G did map hacking. He just gathered up his army and move to you, didn’t really look at your part of map at all. He just point his army to deep at your side. If you have interest I can share the recording to you that use his non-free-camera view.

Man your screen shot is the exact moment you can tell he’s blatantly cheating, check few seconds before, in his view , before he moves from the middle, he first checks in the fog where my army is (like why would you do that wtf?), starts to go for it then suddently watches left on the gold few instants and decides to blindly a move on it. Not to mention he could not see that wall since he didn’t scouted it ( complete fow) but sill manages to a click just at the limit of the wall, i mean units didn’t bug/pathfinding going back

he first randomly point to the center of that area, then change destination to the back of the large gold (as shown in this screenshot), then change to the fogged area at the corner. His camera is never put on your army nor your wall building villagers. If he had map hack, he will go directly to the gold to kill your tower building villagers.

I have been looking at the same game and there is no indication that he is doing any kind of cheating, beyond some casual movement.

@BanglaRoad Before accusing someone it is best to make sure that he has actually cheated, as in another thread where a fellow forum member has sent me screenshots and games.

I close the thread.