Maps with fog, is this by design right? please stop making useless things by design

which map is this? I dont think i have seen this.

I think on certain zoom level - especially if you have the ludicrous zoom it gets foggy

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The fog settings for this map were designed before the new Zoom option was added.
Thing like that are why it’s still in Beta.

So it’s technically a bug I guess.
It wasn’t intended for this kind of zoom because this kind of zoom didn’t exist so it’s not by design.

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I have played a game here too. The map is Finland. The fog is a cool idea in principle, but it is quite annoying in practice, even on the original furthest zoom. It’s one thing for the enemy to struggle to see your units in the fog, but it turns out to be more of an irritation when you, too, struggle to see your units in the fog. I would rather they remove it.

Thanks for the reports everybody! I have to agree that the fog can become pretty excessive, I will pass this onto the team. :+1: