Maps without TP's

Maybe this can be implemented as a new map for the Americas. Lots of resources but no TP’s

Real life location of Rio Bravo [Grande]

The issue is that european royal houses’ units are too strong and they give 2 units too.

This gets even worse when some civs can train them in any map.

Which its even worse since some civs can build 8 native embassies.

European civs are unfairly stronger playing natives.

Je sais que la France et l’Allemagne ont cet avantage (nuancé tout de même par l’ajout de coût de pop), mais à ma connaissance ce sont les deux seuls civs qui le font et qui permettent de construire ces unités natives européennes, sauf si cela a changé depuis la dernière mise à jour.

You are right, but the issue get worse with these 2 civs specially:

  • France has a lot of cards buffing natives and already had huron mantlets infinite shipment.

  • Germany was balanced around population costs. They shouldnt get cheaper units in that aspect due to have settler wagons in top of 99 villagers.

Something similar happened with Highlanders and Dutch with South Africa. Devs gave a strong unit to a strong economic revolution that was suppoused to be balanced around lack of imperial upgrades. (Now they have war wagons…)