Maps without TP's

I think maps without TP might be a good idea

Personally, I find that not having a native on the map makes the games more interesting.
For the moment there is only one map with 0 TP (Arctic Territory) but this could be expanded to other maps. For all maps, I think the game should propose a version without TP and a version with TP

Just to be clear
You’re saying more maps without native posts.

Or are you saying maps with neither minor settlements/native posts AND trade line?

No i’m saying maps without native posts, i’m not talking about trade lines.

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Arabia, Patagonia and Kamcathka dont have natives either.

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Yes, you’re right, I forgot them, but that would be great if they do more like them.
My opinion is that the game should propose, for each map, a version without TP and a version with TP

I don’t understand your approach here. Why would it be more interesting? Are you referring to TPs at all or native TPs only?

There are some maps without native TP or without route TP, but I think without TP at all there is only 1.

In my opinion, native TPs provide more replayability and diversity to the game. Using them or ignoring them depends on the player or the strategy you want to do.


I mean native TP’s only

I understand your point but I think native TP’s unbalances games. Maybe this is me (I play often against the computer and all the time, its crushes me with a native rush). At least, they should nerf some units who, I think, are too strong, like winged hussars

Can’t be unbalanced if both sides have it!


I liked it when there were some maps without trade routes, sure some civs were at a slight disadvantage but build a church and it is only a small disadvantage if that. The original pampas map was great.

I agree with more customization in games. However, the imbalance that you are proposing here is because you are not controlling the map.

Many natives have very good benefits in addition to units (such as economic and military improvements) and mark an advantage in the medium-long term. Although I’m not sure if the AI acquires the improvements of the native TP.

There is one specific map without TPs.

Its Kamchatka.

I meant to add this after I said that:


My apologies I rebuke myself. They have a tradeline.

I tried looking for maps with no TP slots at all. Appears that there might be none. Yeah. A new map idea wouldnt be so bad without TPs. However it may benefit particular civs.

Remove some of the french native cards and natives are balanced


you dont like 5x carded 40% melee resist musk with charged attacks and ashi speed??

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i dont play french so the only situation i see them is from enemy. so no i dont like it

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les français ont justement été bien nerf concernant les natifs, mais en ce cas autant supprimer tout ce qui concerne les natifs dans toute les civs (comme les asiatiques).

asians have only standard natives. french has ridiculous one

Vous parlez de la carte Bourbon ? ou bien des cartes qui boostent les stats des natifs warriors ?

In my case it is the other way around, TP gives more immersion to the maps…obviously I would accept maps without TP in places with extreme or isolated climates (the poles, deserts and Pacific islands)