Marinelord's civs' rating for every map

Civ rating list

This is probably the best civ rating list I have seen since it rates every civ on every map from a top players perspective.


what’s this truth memery

I think the issue is that it demonstrates the difficulties in balancing the game - because the map makes a big difference.

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True maps do make a big difference. I just played a 4v4 unofficial treaty, and two of my allies left because someone attacked to early so me and my ally, who didn’t build much, had to fight 4 people. We ended up winning because my ally built the Great Wall gatehouse at one of the only passes and I just filled it with streltsy and crossbows, and their troops couldn’t deploy and got wrecked. One of those games that they eventually all quite including my ally until it was just me vs one of them then he quite too. But I never would have been able to do that if The pass hadn’t been there and it was an open map

I fully agree maps make a huge difference, that confluence map makes stronger choke points since the chokes are narrower and fewer.

But that being said your opponents should have used siege to destroy the wall, and then the xbows and streletsy wouldn’t have been as much of an issue .

That being said those maps should always guarantee multiple chokes to prevent this singular defense behaviour. In the same way even black forest encourages multi avenues of attack

100% agree with ML. No doubt.