Market abuse

What is the general stance on market abuse? Is it not okay or do few people know about it? Nobody seems to be doing it.

What do you mean by market abuse?

When you drop markets on both sides of the map so you can instantly get gold in your trade carts. Thanks to the way they work, they will take the gold and run to your market on the other side of the map.

On my level most players trade with the first full gold trip.

Calling it market abuse has a negative connotation.
I don’t think we should lose the ability of trade carts to find the furthest market for such a minor thing. It’s fair - conditions are the same for all players.

Regarding trade hotkeys I’d prefer to have a hotkey that selects All Trade Carts instead of selecting All Idle Trade Carts.


Good. I also see it as a legitimate tactic. You still have to send that villager to the other side of the map. It requires some prediction as to when you want to start trade too.

That’s not markt abuse… just trade…

and is better done when the gold of the map is running out.

market abuse is sell and buy a lot of res…

i dont think you understand what OP said…

player 1 builds a market on one side of the map AND on the other side of the map
player 2 builds a market on one side of the map AND on the other side of the map

that is definitely abuse… but now that i know it ill definitely try it

i dont think the majority of players know about this… ive never seen it in the average game (i know its not much but thats 800+ games)… maybe higher tier guys or people who’ve seen the right streams…

Here is clear explanation of this feature/exploit (click the link to see whole topic with images). Probably too micro-intensive to use in actual game.

It was banned in tournaments.

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They will set waypoint for their markets on adjacent ally market, so new trade carts do first trip with full gold? This gives minor benefit and is not too micro-intensive.

Is this other issue or does hotkey for selecting all idle trade carts somehow help in using this feature/exploit?


Yes, when you want to change the ally market your trade carts are trading with. Otherwise you need to select each trade cart manually.
Yes, there’s an exploit it could be used for.
Alternately shift-clicking all your trade carts to adjacent markets on both sides of the trade would let you always be taking gold.

For devs the solution to this whole market problem could be that tradecarts are always taking the gold - on the way to the ally market and during the “back” trip to your market. Gained gold for the trip would be cut by half accordingly.


Ohh I hadn’t thought of that one. Interesting.