Massive performance and latency issues after the patch a few weeks ago

Hey I dunno what you guys did in the last patch or the one before that (last month or so) but the game is considerably slower, less stable, and there is way more lag, especially on maps like amazon tunnel with 3v3 or 4v4 players with population limits 200 or above. The game will start to lag sometimes as early as feudal age and often from the very beginning.

Something is different, I’m getting a better ranked benchmark score than i was before but the game is considerably less smooth. The advantage of a 2d game is that you should be able to run a larger game with more players and more units and not have this considerable amount of stuttering and lag go along with it and it’s not just me. Everyone Ive talked to in game has said the exact same thing but I guess they don’t care as much but smooth gameplay is one of the selling factors in RTS games and this one took a huge hit not too long ago and if I was the devs I would make fixing this a top priority.

Balance issues and changes are a joke to be honest. The players can already change that stuff themselves if they so see fit. But this issue is something that nobody outside the official dev team can do anything about.

If you want me to fill all this stuff out I expect to be paid like the beta tester than I have become.

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Hi @CutmanFS !

Can you try to add the game to the exception list in your antivirus?

Verify your files in Steam (Aoe, Properties, Local files) could help too