Masteries showing 0 tasks completed

Is it me or did the masteries were reordered? The Rus “On the Wild Side” was second iirc before maintenance. I’ve been getting masteries by playing PvP with no single mastery being stuck.

Apparently, only some people’s masteries were reset. If I had to guess, some people’s got voided, and we’ll probably have to redo them all. Regardless, I’m not playing until they’re fixed. I’m not interested in having my progress wiped for no reason or warning whatsoever. Who’s to say it won’t happen next server maintenance, if they have yet to even acknowledge the problem?

Those are my thoughts exactly, I’m probably not going to play until they say something first. I was following the HRE Landschneckt mastery bug and on that thread someone managed to continue their mastery progress from where they left off after ours were wiped.

Hey !

I got that issue too and my other mates don’t so yeah, not everyone got that !
However, I also ask to the AoE team if there is something to do about because I was about to achieve a mastery hehe and now I am kind of discouraged :blush:

Out of curiosity, how many of us were disconnected from a game when the server maintenance happened? I didn’t notice the maintenance warning and had been playing online with a friend at the time. We both lost mastery progress. Wondering if this could be a source of the problem.

It shouldn’t be, I opened the game during maintenance cause I didn’t realise it hadn’t ended yet, but I didn’t play a game.

EDIT: With that said of course it could be anyone that attempted to access their profile data during maintenance.

I think that’s the exact thing I did. I opened my profile thinking it would be ok.

I mean that the game automatically tries to load your profile data if you open it, I didn’t go into my Profile.

I lost all of my completed masteries as well :frowning: However, I still have the rewards.

I’m not sure if it was because I was playing during the maintenance? I didn’t get any notifications about it, so wasn’t aware of it until after the fact.

I really don’t want to have to start from scratch again!

Update - Before reset, my next challenge was Test of Strength III. Just beat Hard A.I. and the mastery I completed was Bestirred (the first mastery), so my hope of it resuming status didn’t work unfortunately.

i’ve lost all my masteries as well. I was in a single player skirmish when server went offline.

I did. Was playing a custom game.

I didn’t even start the game until after servers came back online though. When I logged, all of the masteries were set to //15. Like the 0 didn’t show up until I reloaded. I think they were nulled… I am just going to cheese all of the masteries by redoing them against easy AI, then surrendering to crank through them ASAP.

Same here, just made a post about it too!

Just lost all my mastery achievements.
Only had 3 more tasks to complete french mastery and lost all of the progress somehow

Some player progress in Masteries was reset after the sever maintenance on November 3rd. We are working to restore this progress and hope to do so next week. We will update here again when that happens.


If I earn any more progress towards any other masteries, will those get lost as well when you do restore the old ones?

Wow this is genius, I didn’t even think about surrendering to make things move along. Unfortunately I actually finished each game!!!

I’ve found I might as well complete most my games by the time the mastery is complete anyhow. To each their own I suppose. Since progress will be restored, I will work on masteries I hadn’t made any progress on beforehand.

That was a prompt response from the devs, cheers!

Great to hear, thanks for the update.