Masterpiece achievement help?

Hey guys, sorry if there’s already a topic for this but here goes:
I’d like to complete my achievement list by unlocking the Masterpiece achievement. I play mostly ranked, so I haven’t unlocked it yet. It takes ages to fill up an unranked lobby !
So, would anybody be interested to join me and get this quickly ?
You can add me on steam: ‘4ss Burger’ except the 4 is a capital A, but profanity filter won’t let me write it :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks, we are already two volunteers !

I should add that this is my username on Steam, not microsoft live :slight_smile:

What is the Masterpiece achievement?

Viper has alot of mastapizzas

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I would also like to get this achievement out of the way. It’s one of three achievements I have left to check off.

I mean, we can do it with @UberProut

Im in, i sent a couple friend requests
My steam friend code 175079771

Im also looking for help completing this achievement and will help anyone out send message if interested its my last one !

Wasnt there a sticky thread at Steam about this subject?