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  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10


(The game won’t track the mastery challenges properly for most of the Civ’s I have tried. It is very frustrating to fight against a high difficulty bot for over an hour, just for the challenge to not work. Makes me feel like giving up on this game all together if one of the only progression systems you have doesn’t work)

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there are masteries in aoe de? i only know then from aoe4

Agreed. I have reached out to the developer for months. They keep telling me to look forward to an upcoming patch. Really? Which patch? We just had one and nothing was addressed. How long has this game been out and this is still an issue? For all the things the game does right, this is a glaring problem and one that makes me scratch my head. Will AoE 5 be released before they ever get the problems with AoE 4 resolved? This is ridiculous.

This should be better on the latest patch @Mr.BadExample. Is there a particular Mastery that won’t progress for you?

So far today these are the only masteries I tried and they didn’t progress:

  • Ottoman — Test of Strength I
  • English — Rally the People
  • Holy Roman Empire — Safety in Numbers
  • Delhi Sultanate — Military Construction

Are there any specific ones that were worked on for this patch? I’ll try those.

Best thing to do would probably be to contact support with your warnings.log file.

That said, there are a couple bugs which could possible be hampering some of these. I know Test of Strength I will not complete if AI is not assigned to a team. Safety in Numbers doesn’t count Farms, which I believe is less a bug and more a labelling issue.

For the others an investigation is needed, so please do contact support. Sorry you’re having trouble here!

Masteries do not count if you play using any tuning packs, game mode mods, custome maps, or cheats.

@SavageEmpire566 this one gets asked a lot on Reddit, and I think every time somebody has asked, this has been the problem :slight_smile:


Thanks @GeerOfWar1426. I’m really, really surprised that your UX team didn’t think to add this information to the Masteries UI. It’s incredibly easy to do and takes almost no Dev resources. Not to mention it would drastically cut down on support tickets/costs.

Glad to help! Just to clarify since I don’t want to misrepresent anyone, I am not a dev :stuck_out_tongue:. Just a player with a lot of hours spent in the game and on forums and who has run into this issue as well. I do agree it would be very nice to have this statement appear whenever selecting a mod or custom map.

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My bad. You just seemed to know much more than the Devs and Support folks I’ve dealt with. Nonetheless, thank you very much. I appreciate the help.

Thanks all—feedback heard!

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