Mastery progression bug


Hao90 here, 300h on steam, very passionate about this game, and always here to give back to the age of empires 4 community, trying all the betas, and all.

So I decided that after 300h it was time to start completing the masteries lol.

I mainly play the English, so I had that 3rd mastery that you have to beat an easy ai, a 1v1 game, so I made a game, it was by default NO TEAMS, I played the game, I beat the ai, and after the game was finished I did not received the achievement nor the mastery…

I talked to a friend who plays AOE4 as well, and he had the same “bug” no way to get that achievement nor mastery.

I tried to do it again, and the same happened.

Then instead of playing a 1v1 with NO TEAM “-” , I decided that I will go for TEAM 1, and the ai to TEAM 2, maybe this could fix the problem, and it did.

In brief, the achievement and mastery is not unlocked by playing a 1v1, unless that 1v1 specifically states that you are in different teams, 1 or 2, if you choose no team, or random, you can not get the mastery nor achievement despite the fact you just beat an ai, on a 1v1 game.

I have seen a few people with the same problem on reddit, so it seems to be an easy fix, for a problem that has been happening to some people.

That’s all

Thank you developers for giving us the chance to experience such a great game, you are doing very well with all these frequent updates, new civs, and generally giving us so much to play around, I see a big future for this game.

Kind regards.

-Christopher G Sherman


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Thank you for this! The team will look into it. Much appreciated!