[Mastery Unlock] Holy Roman Empire - Thou shalt not pass


Happened to me yesterday while trying to unlock the 12th Holy Roman Empire mastery: Thou shalt not pass (build the Elzbach Palace, then build 3 keeps within influence).

Two games in a row, I built the palace then 3 keeps in its influence.
First time: on an island
Second time: at the center of the map
Both times, the keeps were only within the influence of the palace.

Since the mastery was not unlocking, I tried again with having the 3 keeps within influence of both the Elzbach Palace (33% damage reduction) and a Town Center (Emergency repair ability).
This time it worked.

So the Mastery only unlocks when building 3 keeps within influence of either Town Center + Palace or Town Center alone but after building the Palace (cannot test anymore since I got it).

I do not think it was intended that way, which is why I report it as a bug.


Can confirm this issue. It is either not working as intended, or the description is worded too confusingly and one of these two should be fixed.

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Thank you @Kzzet and @KaiserWilliams! I’ve logged this and we’ll start tracking it internally. Appreciate it!

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I have the same problem, something new is known?

Me pasa el mismo problema, intente con puestos de avanzada, torres de muro, torres de asedio y con fuertes, no hay torres de vigilancia, como menciona la maestrĂ­a Âżse me ha pasado algo por alto?, solo le afecta la influencia el puesto de avanzada y el fuerte.
Lo intente con la influencia del town center i sin ella, con el puesto fortificado i sin fortificar i no consigo la maestrĂ­a. ÂżHay alguna soluciĂłn?

Hola, yo llevo casi 3 semanas en el mismo punto
El problema es la traduccion y la explicacion
Yo no se como se hace, pero si se como lo he conseguido
He hecho 3 puestos de avanzada, 3 torres de muro y 3 Castillos/Fortaleza/Fuerte
Todos bajo las 2 influencias, de el palacio y del centro urbano (comprueba que estan bajo la influencia, aparece encima de la vida cuando seleccionas el edificio)
Espero que te ayude
Un saludo,

Muchas gracias, lo volveré a intentar a ver si la obtengo

Many thanks for telling, it was building the keeps under the TC influence also. Spanish translation doesnt help either, it says “surveillance towers” instead keeps…

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Almost June 2022, this bug remains unfixed.

EDIT: Gracias por las pistas! It turns out that you need to build the Elzbach Palace as well as all 3 keeps within the influence of your main town center. Secondary town centers won’t do. Building outposts or wall towers is not needed.

This is of course not explained in-game and it’s still a bug in that mastery.

06/16/2022 Still reproducible
In french the mastery demands 5 Donjons (keeps).
This keeps happening and it is 100% reproducible.
I’ve completed it 5 times, and it is still not granting me completion.
I am just going to stop trying.