Mastery Update

I’m a pretty casual player on and off, and have fun knocking out masteries.

After my last break, I had left a number of civs on 14/15 with just the “win against VH AI” mastery to go. Was a little taken aback that this has since been updated to “win 10 games.” While I can understand the change, as I know a somewhat vocal group probably took issue with having to fight AI at all, I can’t help but feel a little robbed by this change.

Maybe a “win 10 games OR one against the AI” would be a good middle ground? On the positive side, for the Civs with campaigns, it’s pushed me to go play through those as those wins count at least!

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I have been trying to test how the 10 victories thing works, because I was only missing the Byzantine mastery, and it is quite tedious:

  • 1.- You have to win 10 “new” games since you unlock 14 of the previous masteries, previous victories with the civ before unlock the challenge won’t count.
  • 2.- The best way to do it quickly is to fight the AI on “Easy” 1vs1 and do Feudal age rush with spearmans or horsemans. Each victory will cost 4 or 5 minutes, 1 minutes to charge the lobby, 10 times would be 1 hour…
  • 3.- I have not checked if the aesthetic “Mods” affect the result, as I have completed all masteries but bizantines, I could only confirm the last one.

I’d say it would be better to go back to the AI on hard thing… or at least the AI on Ridiculous for the last stage. What you propose of making it optional between 10 victories and the AI on difficult or Ridiculous could work.

That and please “Put more historical facts” for the Ottoman, Mali, Japanese and Byzantine masters. They are missed, it was in fact my reason for playing the masters.

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Particularly with the implementation of FFA as a casual option, which is quite enjoyable. It’s very rare that I ever catch a guarantee’d W there, and it would be nice if I could still level up mastery without spamming comp stomps or playing on the 1v1 pool.

I know it’s probably not the most pressing thing but is a bit of a shame!

Just set game to age 4, max resources and map revealed then immediately make 3 siege workshops spam out trebuchets and attack their town centre, there’s a map called african waters or something and you are right next to the opponent so you doing this method you can get a win in 3 minutes. 30 minutes for 10 wins.

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