Match Making "Bug"

I’m not sure how else to get Dev’s attention, but maybe this is still considered a “bug”.

My friends and I are all Conq 3s. We are getting matched very often with Gold/Plat players, and of course they would dodge games.

The worst part is that even if we get a game against other Conqs + Diamonds, or just Conqs, because they can see our game name and see our winrate/match history through AOE4 World, they’ll dodge.

Please fix the crazy range that match making allows, and also PLEASE hide names on lobby screen. It’s pathetic how some Conq players would still dodge games, but the system allows them to. Today we played 2 very underwhelming games in about 2 hours and 30min time period due to all the dodging.

We often BEG the other team (never to Gold/Plat, but people at Conq/Dia) to not dodge us. We DO LOSE as well.

i’m pretty certain wide elo/rank range in matchmaking here is intentional
same applies to the definitive editions, i don’t like it either

Really shouldn’t show opponent’s name before loading screen comes up. People dodging other people because they are scared is just pathetic.


Dodged by Conqs about 5 times today. I hope more people become aware of this. Pick and choosing their opponent (always choosing weaker opponents).

Thank you for the feedback @JazBas1 and @KG19991380. This is definitely something we will discuss. I’ll leave this thread open in case others would like to weigh in as well.

Thank you.

I’m sure all the people who are getting dodged will agree: we’d rather wait a longer que time while not getting dodged than getting a match every 3~4 minutes, just to get dodged every single time.

My suggestion is making the ELO range narrower (for Conq, maybe only match Dia-Conq, for Gold, only match high Silver - low Plat etc) while giving a severe penalty for anyone who dodges. But NO other competitive game would show opponents’ name/rank before loading screen starts and have people being able to dodge certain opponents.

At the moment, it’s taking sometimes as long as 30 minutes to play one game for us as we are just getting dodged over and over, ESPECIALLY by relatively high rank players who don’t want to play people who are higher rank than them (Dia3 - Conq1/2s). I think this is an urgent issue where it can create two things:

  1. Frustration level increased by high level players as they just can’t play any games
  2. Encouraging smurfing for high level players so actually get to play.

Please fix this ASAP. At least the hiding of the name part.

There’s probably something wrong with ELO system too.

As 2 Conq3s, we versed 2 Conq1s, got +1.
Next game, we versed 1 Conq2, 1 Dia3, got -51

Can look at my match history at 21-1-23

Please look at similiar posts in the Discussion page.

My friends and I are starting to just exit the game after an hour of searching and I hear similar stories from other top TG players.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

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