Match played, doesnt show up in History

I have played several matches but yesterday I played a 3v3 Custom for the first time and played so well and won it. the weird thing is the people I played with doesn’t show up in “recently played” section for this particular match. this match also doesn’t show up in my history.

the weirdest thing was, after winning this match, it said on the XP screen that you did not earn any XP.
then I exited the game and went to main menu, where I couldn’t find the match in the history. I also check custom history, quick match history and everything.

this must be some kind of bug.


Hey @AryanK3841! Do you see it after a game restart?

No I did not. I restarted the game multiple times but it still did not show up. None of the other matches had such a problem except a Skirmish match 1v1 against Easy AI which I was doing to get Mastery in English, that match shows up in the history but when I open it the stats don’t load. and I did not get the Mastery as well.

So far these are the two matches I’ve had this problem with. One was a 4v4 Multiplayer as mentioned in OP and the other one was a Skirmish 1v1, the rewards of which, I did not receive.

Do you know if you were disconnected during this match? If I recall, replays from offline matches may not show up.

Also some people have reported multiple drop connections to the server while playing… after lots of trial and error, one guy said restarting the router actually worked… :thinking: hmm prob was some kinda cache issue :man_shrugging:

This is not about replays at all and I did not disconnect. Its like the match never existed. And what about the skirmish match, it’s showing up perfectly fine in the history but I can’t see any stats on it, when I open the stats it’s just blank. And I did not receive my mastery reward by winning that match. Things are not getting logged.

Thanks for the clarification @AryanK3841. I’ll take it to the team. If you see this again, please contact support with your Logs. Appreciate it!

The same issue affects me too. All the multiplayer matches played via quick match show up in history, but matches selected via the custom tab do not, there is no trace of such matches even if the connection is very good and the game runs smoothly. At the end of every custom match I get the message that unable to get match details. It does show the match stats at end, but the match never appears in history. Please look into this.