Matches are so slow.. Lets speed units production?

Many matches are taking so much long, like 30-50 minutes. I think this can be “fixed” speeding up time of units production?

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I did ask people if they wanted grouped units to comme out of buildings, it was a clear no.

Maybe they want units to comme out of buildings, at the moment the player clicked the unit production, whit no waithing time.

I think grouped units is not so strategic as one unit, and probably they will need increase the price too.

I think the pacing is just right, it’s actually quite fast and the game favours aggressive play quite a lot, making it faster will just make so that any mistake you make get severely punished.
During the betas and at first When the full game launched 1v1 games used to last quite long, now most of my games at least end very quickly and last around 15-20min.

I agree, unit production speed is too slow.


This is just how AOE is. Longer games compared to SC2. It’s fast enough imo. If you are skilled though it can end much quicker than that ( take a look at pro games).


Yes, but they could change this now? Longer games are so boring… And not everyone is a PRO tho. If you miss a rush, and the game continues, its a pain on the ■■■.

15-20m its the ideal dream. I’d like to know what is the average time of games today.

I personally don’t like games that end fast either. The game is at good pace because because allows people to explore all of the mechanics of the game, expand their town and enjoy the match. Also you feel like you are building something.
I personally like to play and enjoy each match and get the most of it rather than just try to end it quickly and move to the next one.
Idk which game you come from but if you haven’t played yet you might wanna try aoe3 as it’s a very fast paced game as units are trained in batches and it’s probably the reason why aoe4 is not even slower.


matches being slow is a yes for casuals players , we dont want a match that ends in 20 minutes! cmooon thats boring , there are good things of the game that you need to spend 1 hour at least to discover and use them!

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Ehm. No.

You’re asking Microsoft to remove the traditional pace of Age of Empires, which happens to be part of its identity and personality as a franchise and something most of its players accept and like.

I absolutely love StarCraft. But Age of Empires is not and should not be SC. I have no interest in playing an AoE game where games are 15-20 minutes long. That’s just not Age of Empires.

That’s the problem with some RTS players. They only accept RTS to be a certain way. But by that all you’re achieving is making the genre an even more reduced niche. Most casual players enjoy slowly building their towns and armies instead of rushes and exhilarating fast-paced shenanigans that are a must for a minority of top players but, at the same time, are not at hand for most people.


I played majority AOE 2 and StarCraft 2. For competitive RTS its much better to have fastest games. Beside I love AOE 2, I prefer SC2 because ranked and competitive 1x1.

I understand for casual players that want enjoy a long game and explore all of the game have to offer. But this can be achieved by “non ranked casual mode”?

they can separate the modes somewhat into competitive rules and casual rules after ranked come into. Would be nice for both players.

Just make deathmatch mode like in AOE2 then maybe that would satisfy you? Start in imperial with a lot of resources a pre built base?

No because I like competitive ranking and games? this is the reason of topic. Why play a casual game with special rules to satisfy me? Makes no sense of all.

Ranked deathmatch then?

Please im nothing here to trolling or try ruining the game. Its just about the ranked ladder that will become available next year. And I hope the games go a bit more faster than now. At least for competitive ranked, and its all.

Imperial post-age or whatever will break the experience of the game. Game is already great as it is, just some balances and maybe a bit speed of units can be perfect. Lets say +20% speed units production?

I’m sorry I don’t think you’ll ever get this in ranked.