Matchmaking AND lobby browser

sure, i am not the only one who has wasted hours in the queue. But also no games are showing in the lobby regardless what settings I choose. SDo i am stuck as i don’t play campaigns

Therefore what is the point of me playin online? The solution? update fixed nothin. I already bought new PC to enjoy the game but instead i am am getting more and more frustrated.

@SurestElf832563 Have you been seeing this issue since the latest patch? I believe this was fixed in 34055. Let me know!

these images were taken last night, no lobby games either, i loaded a lobby game and after one game appeared in lobby browser. but again none today

I have the same issue

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@SurestElf832563 @MRTHASE Are both of you on patch 34223? Windows Store or Steam?

steam auto updates applied

I have the Windows Store Version. Version is 101.101.34055.0.0

although m’makin is not baslanced i got more results from re-installing, no waitin times beyong 20 mins but still an occurennce

no gamers showi n looby unless i start a lobby

still having this problem…any fixes? when does beta end?