Matchmaking by server / geographical area

I currently live in China, but my steam account has been created in France (not sure if it impacts or not).
The matchmaking takes 5 to 10 minutes to end up playing on a server with a huge latency (same servers for people in USA, Europe, Asia etc…). Could we add an option to filter the server please? It’s fast to do and will help a lot!

Besides, in China there is the “Great Firewall”, which makes all our connections to abroad servers much slower. Some tools exist (such as Leigod) but it requires a Chinese ID to login, so it doesn’t work for Foreigners.

If someone can help to push this topic to the devs. It would be such a quick change to do and would improve so much the quality of gameplay of everybody and fix the disconnections too…


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You can turn off cross-network matchmaking in the in-game settings. Then you should only match with people on your server, but I don’t know if you will see anything for other servers.

Oh!!! Thank you so much. I will try. I thought it was cross-platforms (= xbox, computer etc) instead of cross network. Let me have a look. If no news from me it means it worked :smiley:

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You can still talk to other servers. It’s just in-game, matchmaking will no longer pair with other servers. Forums or anything like that won’t be affected. Hope it works for you though.

Hey, unfortunately it didn’t work.
After unchecking this option, I let the game search a matchmaking for 20 minutes without success, then I checked it again…
So back to the problem. If someone can help to push this topic to the devs, that would be great.

Hey friend, in China you need an accelerator to play MP, otherwise the latency is unacceptable. Recommend this one: 网易UU网游加速器——全球专线加速,玩出超快感

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I had Leigod before, but since like 1 year ago they require a Chinese ID to make it work… I sent them many emails and no answer… It’s unbelievable how their customer service doesn’t care about foreigners.

I checked UU, they don’t say they handle AOE2 on their website (maybe it’s not updated). I sent them an email to check.

This said, I’m sure we aren’t that many foreigners in China gaming on AOE2 haha.

I could confirm UU supports aoe2 de because I have used it. Very stable and could unlock Steam store at the same time. Chooses server automatically.

Leigod is really cheap but the experience is indeed suboptimal.

You could also check Qiyou. I saw Mr_Yo using it.

The main question isn’t the money here, more the fact to be able to use it or not without Chinese ID.
Are you currently using UU? Are you Chinese?

Have you tried it? I was using it last year and I remember it requires a phone number only. Not in China now.

Didn’t try, but I know Leigod was perfect until like 6 months ago… It’s due to the recent gov’ changes related to online gaming in China…