Matchmaking error : C06T01R00X-01


Maybe 50 % of the matchmakings fail in the last moment with the following error code : C06T01R00X-01 4D504D610447

It says “Impossible to join or find the game. Please check your network or your internet connection.” (translated from french version…)

But my connexion is fine, thanks !

It happens since I bought the game 5 months ago, and it has never been fixed !

It happens randomly , one matchmaking is successful, the next one crashes, sometimes 3 or 4 times successively…

That’s really annoying.

50% is definitely not ideal! After you see this problem pop up, it would be incredibly helpful if you could contact support with your warnings.log file. Much appreciated!

I would say it’s 70% for me, very frustrating. Will send crash logs too.


It’s still happening. Update after update. 5 times in a row this evening, I give up.
Btw, once the game is cancelled, you find almost the same players in the next matchmaking, it means that it failed for every players, not just one.
And everybody’s complaining in the chat window that the matchmaking is crashing on their side.

@DirtyHarryUK05 @FairestDawn5263 (or anyone else that sees this exact error) please do contact support with your warnings.log file; it’ll be super helpful in troubleshooting this. Thanks!

I already did, and received a long list of tasks do do from the support.
It took me a long time to check every item, and it didn’t fix anything. I even re-installed the game, same problem.

Any update about this problem ? It is still happening all the time. And after two matchmaking error in a row , now I have a time penalty…

It’s in french, but you will understand the message.

Sorry you’re seeing this @FairestDawn5263. Do note that your C11 error is a bit different from the C06 error this thread initially reported, even though your perceived experience may be the same. There is actually a bit of a difference here. That said, there are a few C06 + related network bugs in play, and seeing these errors should hopefully be getting more infrequent with every update. However, if you’re seeing absolutely no improvement and still seeing any network errors frequently, please do contact support again with your DxDiag and warnings.log file after you experience this error.

For information, the C11 error is related to the penalty message.
The matchmking errors that made it happen was C06. As the one I just got one min ago.