Matchmaking Error - ELO range too large when some players are unranked

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  • GAME BUILD #: Current as of 7/23
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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There seems to be an error with matchmaking for team empire wars. I was in the queue for only a couple of minutes. yet I was matched which gave my team about a 0.0007% chance of winning, or about 1 in 15,787. This is, frankly, an unacceptably low chance of winning and constitutes a bug with the game.

My team’s team empire wars ratings: 654 (BigBossBro08), 1012 (Oxm [me]), 1015 (^MATO^).

Other team’s team empire wars ratings: 1195 ([KGB] Leozim_), 1586 (Garyyyyyyyy), 1029 (Bad Penguin).

Average rating on my team: 894

Average rating on their team: 1270

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve enjoyed getting to play top 100 - 200 players recently on empire wars brackets like Adamantium. But this particular matchup did not make any sense. Nobody should be in the empire wars queue long enough to match against a team 400 ELO points under them.

In theory, if the ELO was accurate and I understand ELO correctly, my team’s skill level was about 4 standard deviations below theirs. That gave us a 0.0007% chance of winning, or 1 in 15,787. This is, frankly, an unacceptably low chance of winning and constitutes a bug with the game.

[Edit] I did not understand ELO.

I’ve attached a screenshot of everyone’s ELO when I looked it up on

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Rare - I’ve played against a few top 100 players this past month but usually their EW rating was close to mine. This seems like an outlier and a possible indicator of bad math in the code which is why I’m filing this report.

Other Tidbit

I know it doesn’t affect matchmaking, but I thought I throw in this tidbit: Leoniz is 3049 TG ELO rank #197; Gary is 3450 TG ELO rank #17; Bad Penguin is 3028 TG ELO rank 219. The three of us are rank 15,858; 14,503, and 51,364.

To say that this game ended fast and wasn’t much fun for anyone involved would be an understatement.

Not a bug, that is how Match making is intended to work, it will get you a game if you have been waiting certain amount of time, for them it was probably 6-7 mins, it doesn’t matter if for you it was one minute queu, matchmaking current algorithm does the same on every single ladder, empire wars has less active players so rank disparity is larger.

None of this should ever happen, but match making was designed to allow and motivate noob bashing.