Matchmaking is a disaster. Uninstalling until this is fixed

Every match is completely unbalanced or has a random disconnect at the start. Never seen a game with such terrible matchmaking. Even DOTA2 was some how better. One of the recent wins I had today was when an team of higher ranks had a disconnect.
I’ve gone from Platinum III down to Gold III over the weekend while my play style remains the same.

Did you really just compare a game with a daily playerbase peak of ~16k to one with a peak of ~600k?

Looked over the average ratings on your recent losses that were available:

Map Your Team Opp. Team
Four Lakes 3v3 1064 1014
Lipany 4v4 1248 1167
Four Lakes 2v2 1045 1067
HIdeout 918 979
Altai 1005 1088
Lipany 2v2 921 794
Lipany 3v3 910 1100

The matchmaking in these games seems fine to me. The only game out of those in which you were significantly outmatched was the last one, which is probably why somebody quit at the start. You’re just on a losing streak. It happens, it’s ok. If you don’t want to play with randoms, why not join some of the team discords and find a team to play with?


Well even for a player baseof aoe4. No excuse for the way matchmaking count. If a player drop during first 2 min of a match it should count as a win to the other, or if dsync happen for player x, the x player shoukd be dropped instead of crashing the entire game with no result or lose.

If ur game has ranked mode, then it shoukd include modern ranked features like most games do in 2023 that is considered competitive.

Which rts games do ?

Starcraft 2

Aoe2 is maybe a little better but they have problems too

If aoe 2 ancient engine can do it, why modern aoe4 can’t. Even making the match considered draw /no point counted to any player if someone disconnect withen the first 1.5/2 min. Is a much better result than the mess we got right now.

AoE2 doesn’t do those things differently though.

Both games can have a single player disconnect and the game continues, or some kind of desync happen that crashes the whole thing (happened to us last night in AoE2).

It also doesn’t make the match a draw when someone disconnects early, does SC2 do that?

But there is a difference between real dsync and the abused one we know in aoe4. Last I played 2 de points won’t count on early drop. First min or so. But that was more than a year and a half if i remember correctly. Any way Coh3 got it fixed. Hopefully they can carry the fix to aoe 4.

bro i think its a little bit luck because high ranked player maybe lost too many games like you and it matched with you thats the only explanation i can make for that situation.Also some low ranks enters with their high ranked friends and they sometimes match low ranks too.

bad mm, because bad model, because bad directing.

typically we root out the root issue first before progress can happen.

I’m going to regret doing match making tonight aren’t I.