Matchmaking is absolutely horrible currently

devs not gona say anything???

This topic have 5 MONTHS


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He is actually the community manager, not a developer. Seems to act like a middleman between players and developers. I would like if developers would directly participate and communicate in these forums, like they did during beta.


It’s very frustrating to play ranking games and have the game automatically match up with people who are not at the level of play I’m having.
That’s four games that I basically end up playing 3v1 because my allies seem to be new to the game, so obviously I end up losing those games.

I think it should be something to fix and modify in future patches, I repeat it’s too frustrating.

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Match making for team games is terrible:
See: Matchmaking is absolutely horrible currently It is a general complaint in the community. Hopefully devs will notice and fix it.

Match making for 1v1 is great. You mostly play against equally skilled players.


I totally agree, the pairing sucks. I hope they work this out soon.

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I am sorry but I don’t want to play unbalanced team game anymore. Please fix it asap.
Thank you.

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I’m curious as to why the MS Gaming marketing team is not making incentives to play DE. Would it not weigh in their favor, and the player base as well, to bring over the players from Voobly and HD? Why not just make it free to play for a month? And then charge a measly $5 to purchase the game. As much as we need the “support” for the DE game, is it not better to continue to grow the community with more players. This problem goes away once we have a bigger sample pool of players.

I have no issue with the season events. But eye candy won’t attract the players from Voobly and HD. The marketing team should be surveying those 2 player destinations and find out how to get them to join the rest of the DE player base. This is also assuming there is a marketing team.

I also agree that communication could be stepped up by the community manager.


Hello everyone! As a note, this Wednesday’s maintenance included fixes in an effort to generate better, more balanced matches in ranked:

Previously, searching for a match as a pre-made team would utilize the sum of the ratings rather than the average. This resulted in the system creating imbalanced matches in the case where one team had a party of players and the other did not.

So far, the fix seems to have already improved the quality of ranked matches. That said, if you continue to see issues, please do let us know! =)


After two games, I think this may be the best patch by far (if things continue)


suddenly it absoluetly make sence, that we always got matched only at 8 mins mark (well with 4 2k5s you have 10k “average” elo) and then mostly teams of 1ks, that teamed and had an “average” rating of 4k.

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wow i feel so sorry for u hahaha

Can we change the title to Matchmaking is absolutely sweet currently, please? 11

Or just stop necroing it. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to square one. I absolutely love playing lobby simulator.
Think you got a game, oh wait. Few minutes later: I got a game, nope. 1 hour later, I got a game… game crashed < 2 minutes…


Since the game does AVG(), it will create an unfair one if there isnt a Distance among elo’s limit; that should be a minor tweak to add, i’d say:

Their pocket:
Our pocket:
basically 20 KT’s vs 800 elo 1v1 pocket struggling to get past feudal age

@GMEvangelos Since I am quite high in the tg ladder, all too often I get paired up in such a way that I get 0 points. Is it possible to add a minimum increase of 1 point? Playing a game where I lose 15 points if I lose/drop and get 0 points if I win, is quite annoying. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the note! The team is continuing to make adjustments to the ranking system, and I’ve added your suggestion in the case of a large ELO difference between the players. No promises, but we’ll see what we can do to further improve the experience! =)


again, this one worse.

why this matchmake?
2k4 vs 1k7

2166,7 vs 1985,67

It is about 150 difference.

These ratings are all at the higher end of the ratings. If you look at 1v1, you also have matches with such difference. I think 2.2k vs 16.k even happens sometimes.

This is more the result of the lack of team. If you dont want such difference in the average ratings, you will have much longer waiting times. Same goes for 1v1.

My waiting time is around 1-2 minutes (1.1k for 1v1 FM), but i see pros already regularly waiting for more than 5 minutes before they have a game.

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