๐Ÿ›  Server Maintenance - Wednesday, April 22 - AoE: DE, AoE II: DE

WHAT: Server Maintenance (Matchmaking Servers)
WHEN: 2020-04-22T20:00:00Z



  • Age of Empires: DE: Implementing fixes for missing game lobbies.
  • Age of Empires II: DE: Implementing improvements for ELO balancing in ranked matchmaking.
  • Age of Empires II: DE: Updating multiplayer lobby list to display more lobbies.
  • Updates to mitigate the brief server outages during these times of increased load.

Good day, everyone! This coming Wednesday, April 22nd, we will be taking the multiplayer servers down for maintenance.

:warning: During this time, you will still be able to launch the game, but will not be able to matchmake or access any other online features.

The downtime is expected to last two hours while we implement and test the fixes. Weโ€™ll update this thread with any new information or updates to the schedule as they arise. This is also where weโ€™ll announce the all clear when the maintenance is complete.

Thank you for your patience! :+1:


Thank you very much in advance.


I hope the multiplayer matchmaking works again after this maintenance. Many players are leaving AoE 1 DE because game lobbies disappear and games disconnect. Please listen to the community.


well, thanks obama, i was playing xd


Yep was refreshing for 10 mins :smile:

Oui pareil pour ma part mais bon les maintenance cโ€™est bon pour le jeu โ€ฆ
Il faut rรฉgler les bugs car aussi sโ€™est injouable !

2 hours of full downtime in the evening to implement fixes.
Maybe you should hire some skilled people to automate things ?

Its not like itโ€™s exceptionnal. This is ridiculous. Microsoft has some high reliability cloud and this game is down every evening. Maybe Microsoft related products should use some Microsoft technologies ?

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DANKE Merkel !!!

5:00 PM GMT or what?


Nili and MbL are forced to play CS1.6 whilst waiting.

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mouse over the time and much will be revealed, devs actually did a really good job on this one! too bad it still goes over the heads of someโ€ฆ

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== UPDATE - 2:30p PT ==

Servers are back up and running! Thank you for your patience during the downtime!

Please let us know if you continue to experience issues related to the objectives listed above; weโ€™ll make sure any unforeseen effects or issues are escalated to the team for review.

Thanks again!

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17:43 PM Est time no server available in the multiplayer AOE2 definitive

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Can you keep us updated as to whether they refresh within the next ten minutes or so? Make sure you donโ€™t have any filters, and please share a screenshot if they continue to be missing after that time.

Are you and @jpactivities signed into Xbox Live? Does signing out allow you to see the lobbies?

Yeah I was, signing out allows me to see them

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signed out from xbox live work good for me now

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Thank you for the confirmation. One more question @HenryTheLion123 and @jpactivities:

  • Are you playing on Steam or via the Microsoft Store?