Matchmaking is awful, it gives for 1v1 people who play mostly 2x2 or 3x3

I don’t understand why, but game half of the time give me opponents who have on the list only 2x2 or 3x3 for last matches.

It’s bad quality matchmaking, because people who don’t play 1v1 on regular basis don’t know meta very well or don’t know it at all. So matches like that don’t teach me anything because I don’t face something that I can expect from decent player.

There’s should be some system which force to play 4-5 matches if player don’t play last 10-15 days and tune his elo according to this.

I’m low elo and I can’t actually grow because of this, 7 of 10 matches it’s opponents who just walling off and do some weird stuff. As result when I face normal opponent I lose because no practice against good players.

How would you suggest that gets fixed? They chose to queue 1v1 and you have a similar elo to them, so who should they be matched against instead?


Are you getting this info using one of these sites?

There is a ranking system in place. Have you played 10x 1v1 matchmaking games yet? if not you won’t have a proper elo ranking and can’t be matched with similar ranked players.