Matchmaking needs a review!


I wanted to draw attention to a few key issues on matchmaking. Reasing being this is for me the most crucial aspect that is stopping me enjoying the game as much as I could right now.

Main issue - after queueing for 7:00-7:30 mins and a match still hasn’t been found the system appears to drop all elo criteria and puts you against … well anyone else in queue. This results in extreme scenarios where top players are playing people completely new to the game. These games are (mostly) not enjoyable for both participants in 1v1.

For team games the effects are even worse! Top players mostly avoid queuing random team as being given a new team mate vs two or three 15-year 300apm veterans is matchmaking suicide.

Now I appreciate the developers may value metrics differently and will want to prioritise people getting matched up so no one is waiting too long but would urge you to consider the long-term effects of top players (and the matchmaking victims who get chucked in thier games) loss of motivation to carry on playing. I think we can meet in the middle somewhere with tweaks to how the queue works by adding elo bands to sort in (or otherwise e.g slower expanding elo bands.)

Right now team random is unplayable, I would like to use it but can’t without a significant deterioration to my mental health. :crazy_face:

Whatever the change is something needs to be done, I know this sentiment is widely shared amongst the pro community and we would appreciate it if you looked at this as it’s a big dealbreaker right now!


I think QS 1v1 can be fixed easily with smarter algorithms.

Team QS is gonna be so much harder due to player base and the range of player skills.

Perhaps add a feature in teams where if the sum of elo is too great between the 2 teams, then bonus elo is available if the underdog team can survive by a certain time or if the top team can win by a certain time.

Obviously to avoid teams hiding villagers, then winning in these scenarios means being double the score of your opponent for a certain period of time.


Just make ranked team games in lobby

Yep, yesterday I tried random team for the first time since 6 weeks or something.

I’m currently in the top30 in team, so I expect to play with and versus people around 2100 elo.
In less than 2 minutes I had a game, my mates weren’t even in the top 100, versus a premade team with way better elo than mly mates… that’s just impossible to play it this way.

So yeah, it’s hard to fix, here’s some solutions I can suggest :

  • add an elo range we can choose :

exemple, I want to play with people that have 200 elo difference from me.
I have 2000 elo = I play with and versus people that have 1800 to 2200 elo.

But, the problem is, maybe there is no player at the elo range and I will wait forever.
So maybe just add the number of player queuing and in game at the elo range I selected.

Exemple : I want to play a random 3v3 between 1800 and 2200 elo.
I search, on the screen I could see : 4 players searching a game at this elo range, 10 players in game at this elo range.

For the 1v1, maybe for now the best is just to restart QS every few minutes, no ?

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Another reminder on this. Every other game there’s someone 1000 elo lower in it, no exaggeration. It’s sadly unplayable. :frowning_face:

Edit: In team

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