Matchmaking not balanced

I have tried AOE3 DE for a month. I only play ranked because i think I will find equally skilled opponent just like aoe2. However almost none of the 200 games I played are balanced. There are always a 100 to 300 elo gap between me and opponent. (Or my team average vs opponent team average). I am really wondering if there is a tolerance threshold between teams. Like max elo gap 100.

There are extreme cases when there is a 1000 elo gap between us. (A team of 900 elo noobs and a team of top 150 pros). I am 900 elo noob, i get a 600 elo and 1400 elo teammate, while opponents are all 1900+.

Almost all of the games i played were not fun at all. One side completely dominate the other side.

I thought aoe3 may not have the player number as aoe2, that could be a reason. But this also happens when the match is found in 3 mins and there is huge elo gap between the teams. There must be something wrong with the matching system. Do they limit region or what. Ranked is pretty unplayable especially team game

I’m pretty sure that’s mostly because there aren’t enough players.

You can only be matched against people that are looking for games at the very moment you are looking too.
Most people don’t play team and most people that play team are likely in a match already.

And then there are huge skill differences so the number of people you can be matched with is not that big. Also the system doesn’t want you to match with the same people again.
If you just finished a match, the people you played with are likely to search too because they also just finished a match. But they don’t match with you again, instead they are “competition” looking for similar matches.

This problem could be partially solved if you could choose if you prioritise ELO, ping or low waiting times.
It’s hard to decide for developers after how much waiting time they increase the ping or ELO range.