Matchmaking of this "game" is completely bypassed and broken

Not only u have 3-4 smurf account per single player in the rated scene that so clearly and for capitalization of the producers (as a broken system pushes people to bypass and “fix” it for their individualistic interest the game, but you also have blocked the Rated Rooms for Supremacy and Classic which in DE never existed while wisely in AOE III were there.

Some trolls will claim that it was to avoid points farming, which is a huge trolling attempt.

Rated rooms grant people to decide the battle they wanna take and agree of it (like in any strategy, warfare situation) so that you also have zero frustration on the outcome, it’s your choice, you decided to fight and side with who you wanted.

Instead the matchmaking not only is filled with utter trash noobs that “play” like AI or don’t speak english or just don’t play and stay idle or the game drops them (but this is another story), the matchmaking is completyely broken.

You can’t put people against others that have pre united which will of course have a bigger advantage and maybe even put against pre made teams people that are also low rating compared to the pre made, because you are gonna ruin the experience.

You can’t have no Rated Rooms … because you are destroying the competitive gameplay expperience.

AOE III DE is seriously broken in terms of competitive scene, even the game recorded are broken, often u check them back and they are out of synch even without game update getting in the way… (which should never anyway damage the files)…

It’s just unacceptable the status of this “game”.

How can a developer team leave at release IN THIS STATUS a project?!
How can someone think this is ok?

How can we all buy this and even suppoort it?

I am not even gonna mention other topics like UX, UI… the series of bugs… one like " yuou press the View post game a little bit below the edge and a hidden button kicks you out to the lobby"…
And much more stuff.

This stuff is unacceptable.


U know that doesnt in anyway solve the smurf problem right?

If anything it also allows people to farm elo by only fighting against weaker opponents

Do you remember how broken the matchmaking was in TAD? it doesnt even work there

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I am talking of this “game”. Not the past one.
There is no chance to find other players as there is not a supportive system of friends chat-find- search - check if online or in game.-… do you remember when games were made well and game design was respected and respectful of players?
You surely don’t … don’t even answer.

Farming what? You are here to Prohibit to others to have freedom to play with others? They need to be frustrated because you fear they can have a good life?
What is the problem with these people… omg…

Players make games? This is the worse time ever for videogames.
Players that HAVE ZERO UNDERSTANDING of how games work need to just play and learn, let people with experience decide how games are made and especially developers to do their studies and release stuff that is finished and polished.

U wanna see the status of my game after 2 matches?

This is normal for you?!

There is tons of issues like disconnections, bugs of all kind, unfinished lobby system, chat wishpers can be sent after 5 clicks to reach the text box to start typing… never was an experience of an interface worse than this for me!

what i see is someone unfamiliar with restarting the game before entering a match with UI modifications of any kind, i legit cannot replicate what you got above, on multiple machines, one being basically minimal specs, never managed to do this with post game

My pc can play 3 rts at the same time … anyway no game should have issues of reloading the game every match you do in order to have a good life… it’s just out of the mind.


It’s not troll It’s legit. If u have rated lobby you can host a friend who deliberately donate elo to you. Look at treaty elo it is a joke.

Speaking English is not a requirement to play aoe3.

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Because very few people play aoe3 ranked team games. Sothe match you get is always very unbalanced. Solo players usually get premade team as opponents and noobs on your own team. Itis the nature of this game as it has a very small player base. Try play 1v1 or 2v2 it is more balanced

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Anyway back in topic.
Look at the matchmaking: this team has formed and launched their matchmaking and look what happens.
I am put with 1400\1700 Elo and of course we beat them.

If for you that is not a proof of how broken this is.,

imagine that instead the ones I have are smurfing and are maybe with a 1100 1200 team account elo… and still access to this match…

The amount of players due to low quality of the game is so low that the matchmaking has to put people randomly and this FRUSTRATES the players which will of course abandon the game.

You have to reintroduce the damn Rated Rooms for classic and supremacy and also improve matchmaking. This is so… I don’t know: self-evident!

This forum even censors the images!! Can’t show you … well u can check here:

unless this broken forum blocks that link too

make one post per answer thanks.

It is not the nature of this game, it is the nature of the cheerleaders and fan boys of a broken design. that is the nature of reality.

Rated rooms are bad…i have example look at the streamer eagleeyesmaloney…he is top in the world in treaty according to his treaty elo, but the reality is he is pretty bad…the reason is he hosted his own 20 min treaty games and put really bad players on opponent teams…

I am talking of competition not being “on top”… i need to play with balanced player.

You people bla bla bla but in the end you go around in circles to hide the evidence: this is not a releaseable software fullstop.

team games, not just 1 v 1 and this cannot be broken by drops and other issues.
It is all on Microsoft and the 3 developers behind this thing.
Legacy was working.

Why this is not taken care of. It’s 3 years now. This stuff is unacceptable.

what my eyes see above is modded UI that likely didn’t get a game restart ahead, a known requirement in basically all games, not just here

Never had issues when modded. Never had to restart a game when it is modded, This is just a random story to “buy time”, pretentious…
NEver had this problem before with this “game” either… it just started now.

Please finish the game then release a fully developed version…

now that i’d agree with

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Why should I accept this?

What’s wrong with this ?