Matchmaking problem

Matchmaking is fu**** after the TG rating remake, because the matchmaker wasn’t changed, only the ratings.

Now basically everyone has similar TG ratings, independend of their skill level.
My leaderboard position jumps from 400 to 5000 within a few games, depending if I play on my own, or with friends, which are 200 points lower than me in 1v1.
Often one team is down >1000 points in 1v1 rating, in a 4v4, even if both teams are not stacked.

It’s just really bad.
Devs maybe look into that for the upcomings patches.

It also happen to me in the first two week of TG rating remake. But after two week I think the team game matching is mostly fixed. Except some 1800 player premade with 1300 player, or 1900 player premade with two 800 player, most of my game are +/- 100 rank (I am 14+ and my opponent are 1300 to 1500)