Matchmaking should be done by both ELO AND WIN RATE, inconsidering the ELO system has been FIXED

Hi All who will read this and hi to all of you who will feel that rage inside you once i remind you of the problem AOE2 DE faces today.

This is mostly regarding RM TG ELO as thats the one that is disproportionately out of sync with the reality.

I dont remember whats is the ELO that a new player starts with but i think its 1000 and 1000 right? Correct me if im wrong.
First issue is that a 1000 RM player will correspond to around 2000 RMTG not 1000.
I.E. in a 4v4 game this might happen: 2200,2200,2200,2200 vs 2600,2650,2700,1200 (low elo with 90% win rate).
The type of matchmaking that just wasters 30 minutes of your day and leaves you a little… angry at it.

The 90% win rate then leads to the SECOND ISSUE.
In most of these games that waste your time the “low elo” player usually has around 20-40 games already registered.
With a 80% + win rate, how poorly developed the formula has to be in order to still not have that player at the correct ranking?
That is just mediocre work on the developers side.

I come from as many of you might as well. (You might see where im going with this).

  • First suggestion: Give options.

When you create an account, give 3 ranks to start with, 800 for beginners, 1200 for interms and 1500 for players who have played hundreds of games in other accounts or platforms.

  • Second suggestion: Improve the damn formula.

Elo adjustment should have a variable in regard to streak and the amomunt of games a player has.

10 games with 9 wins should be enough to get your elo high enough for your rank.
Think about it, players with 29-1 raking 1600-1800 rmtg… how many days have they been playing to get there and its still easy as heck for them. Imagine playing for 10 straight days, 3-4 games daily and still not catching up.

  • Third suggestion: Win Rates

Dont just balance by elo. A team full of 40% win rate vs a team with 60% win rate is not balanced wouldnt you think?
Specially considering that 10% winrate +/- is a huge deal in this game, you dont see playters with 30% win rate or 70% win rate with a thousand games played too often do you?

Balancing should be done by both ELO AND WIN RATE, inconsidering the ELO system has been fixed.

Now for anyone interested i can updoad screenshots of teamgames with this issue which have been the majority in the past week for me, its incredible.
Many of these games i’ve streamed on Twitch so that can server as proof as well.

Thanks to the readers, please to the developers.

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