Is anyone else also having issues with ranked matchmaking?
I’m a complete noob and keep being matched against pros since last patch.
I’m not even trying to win games anymore just so I can play at my own level but I only lose -2 rating per game.
I’m 2000+ TG rating but I only gained this rating on closed maps.
However, there are no closed maps in this patch so now I lose to 12++ players.
Can DE just revert my rating or something?
This is not enjoyable for me or anyone that is forced to be on my team.

And I don’t want to bother with unranked as everyone resigns upon first contact there.

No wonder I’m losing 2 rating every game…

There must be an issue with unfair matchings, because I can’t believe you can win vs +19xx BF/Arena players but lose vs 12xx Arabia players.


I’m talking about team games though. I’m very good at booming but very bad at fighting before imperial age. My playstyle can truly flourish on teamgames on closed maps, not so much on open maps or 1v1 games.

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I see some issues with the team game ranking:

  • ELO is made for 1v1 in chess. After that it spread to other rankings, like games. It was never meant to be a ranking for team games. ELO for team games is therefore less reiable than ELO for 1v1s.

  • The fixed bugs (see later in this post) resulted in unfair match ups. This made a mess of the team game ranking. I dont really know how to fix this mess, without resetting the complete ladder. I dont really thing resetting the ladder is a great idea and i also think not many players would like a reset of the team game ladder.

  • For some reason the ranking for team games is inflated. The average team ranking of all players just goes up. I havent checked the number, but i have heard about 1500 being average. For ELO your starting rating (1000 in DE) will be around the average rating. I dont really know why this happens on the ranking. If i read you just loose 2 points if you loose, somethings seems wrong to me with the ELO calculation, but i dont know what is wrong.

So i really dont know a good solution for your issue.

There was an issue in team games match ups, where they use the sum of elo for one team and the compared this to the average elo for the other team. This bug is fixed. Now the elo of both teams is pretty much equal. Just have a look at the team games at In most games there isnt a big elo gap between all players anymore.



The problem with team games still seems to be a problem with the Elo due to play rates. I see the same issue in my games. I’ll play a game where I feel like I’m the weakest link and then the very next game (about the same Elo for everyone) I am destroying. I don’t think there has been enough consistent play in team games yet to have Elo be accurate.

Honestly, it’s not accurate in 1v1s at my level, but that has to do with a few other factors imo.

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I think something is wrong the amount of points I gain and lose. I lost -2 and last game I win +19 even though my team carried me hard. Great times… being used as cannonfodder every game in feudal age while my team gets the advantage. I am a true Belgian: I’m just a bump on the road. I just let them Blitzkrieg all over me and hope that I bought my allies enough time.

So you got 2k+ only playing Black Forest?

Black Forest, Arena, Hideout and Lombardia mostly, yes.
I have never in my life won a nomad game for illustration.
Sangerangheti (or whatever) is also h3ll (seriously why censor this?) for me.


A reset of the ladder wouldn’t be a bad idea considering that the map pool changes from time to time. Sometimes you can get the same team game map back to back

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every matchmaking thread I will repeat it. this aoe needs a differente MMR for premades.

in SC2 I have 5 different MMR.

  • 1v1
  • 2v2 with randoms
  • 3v3 with randoms
  • 4v4 with randoms
  • 2v2 premade with a friend.

And even I can have another MMR for different races.

about OP, you can try to learn how to quickly wall and still boom with 7 TCs

it’s not the same thing at all, i know what the OP is talking about, ive seen guys who absolutely suck early game vs drush/twr rush/douche etc, but then become good if left alone, and vice versa, some guy rushing like a boss but the moment we get to castle age he sucks…

yeah this was great, imo made it a lot more fair… imo arranged teams are the bane of random teams, their effective elo is incredibly skewed, nevermind all the other variables…

not to say the OP has done it, but as others here have mentioned they drop (within 1 min and not lose any elo) if they get a map they dont like… ergo it is completely possible to get an elo of 2k+ from playing only 1 map… imo they should make you lose elo the moment a match is made and you quit… err on the side of stopping abuse…

It’s extremely hard to find a BF game though. In higher rated teamgames everyone dodges BF. I’ve only played it once in the last 3 months.

This argument is beyond silly. If someone is that good at one particular map, they should be able to reasonably translate their skills with a modicum of experience on a different map. For the love of all things AoE, stop giving the devs more stupid reasons to destroy this game.

lol +19 rating last game after one enemy dropped and my other enemies all rushed me like fanatics with their scout blocking micro in dark age. They must have all been 2400+ rating when I’m 2100. I bet Steam shut down so I can’t check what horseshit matchmaking I get. Always +20 each game and -2 when I lose. This way I get stomped ultra hard 10 matches for every 1 match I get to enjoy.

-You can check their ELO with to see their rating. Are they 2400+ or not?

-I imagine since their ally dropped they figured the only way to win was to hinder an enemy in dark age with scouts. I would have done the same.

-Are you really having a bad time with matchmaking? My last 15 matches were all pretty perfectly matchmaked looking at the elo. You can view your matchmaking history. Can you post a screenshot of your last five games so we can see?

I guess the ratings were equal in the last 5 games other than the one I posted above. I just detest the way I gain way more rating than I lose. Most of my wins are because an enemy player drops and boom! again +20 rating which means 10 extremely unenjoyable losses in the future where I lose -2 per game.

The second problem is as I said above aswell. Closed maps that can be teamwalled are enjoyable for me. It’s where I belong with 2100 rating. But open maps should be 1600 TG rating for me to be enjoyable. I basically have to hope that an enemy drops or I lose every time.

@ EloquentNine840 Just curious to know, did you achieve this ELO in team closed-map games with a single civ? or with random civ?
How would you rate yourself in the same exact type of game (team closed-map) if you were to play with a random civ (game starts, then you discover your civ)?
This is just a data point that would help me.

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At first I always played with random civs but now I choose which civ I feel like playing. I switch it up a lot. However, now I feel like I can’t compete if I don’t choose a civ with a great economy bonus (Vikings, Franks, Teutons, Slavs, Celts, Britons, Aztecs etc).

So if I get an open map, I only pick strong economy civs now. If I get a closed map, I get to try out whichever civ I want.

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