May I know why my account is suspended from multiplayer services?

I have played a game even this afternoon and I am unable to make a multiplayer game tonight. May I know what is the reason?

You can contact the support here:

  1. Age Support (edited)

Noone besides them can look into the account data.

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@Age of Empires Support
Hello there,

Your multiplayer access is temporarily suspended due to multiple griefing and inactivity reports. That’s all the information we can provide in this matter.

Thank you for contacting us.

Age of Empires Support

This is the reply I got. And there will be no more replies for any reply from my end it seems. Like I have replied in the following manner. And I still get no reply. I could not understand how it works.

This is my reply :

What concerns you most? Each and everyone was already reported by me earlier for grief and unsupported behavior, who took revenge for reporting me again or just the count of members that produce fake reports? And about the inactivity you could check my steam activity for aoe2 I played 2730 hrs on streak for last 6 months a few hours of inactivity would it be a pain to accept? I play 20 to 30 games daily, and this is how it finally questions my inactivity. I can’t find the logic behind this. Could you please give me at least a one line reply for this?

Hey anyways, thanks for the support! But I thought the suspension would have been for more than an year. But it is just 3 hours more, its not even a time of relaxation for me. I will be back soon :smiley:

Thanks a lot for taking burden of my request. Hope to see you more in service of genuine players that often get into trouble like me :saluting_face:

no worries. I have 4 perma banned league accounts ^^
We all sometimes have bad days :slight_smile:

Oh no! I quit playing public multiplayer games anymore, I prefer only private gaming.

Did you faild again to look the history ?

Sorry but you guy kinda make 10% success on ban TBH