May I present: Laser War, a fun multiplayer scenario

Greetings everybody. I’ve created two scenario’s based on a fun “game mode” we used to play long looooong ago on It is/was called Laser War.

Now back in the days, you could not place cheat units in the editor. So what people did was activate cheats and ally each other in the lobby. Once the game launched, everybody would type 10x Photon Man. Once ready and people cross checked each other’s units they would delete all villagers and Town Centres. (This way nobody can sneak in more photon man and “cheat”)

As you can see, this requires some trust. So in order to play this mode with total strangers and without creating too much stress, I’ve made two maps.

Laser War (Ruined) and Laser War (Conquest). Both maps you start with 10 Photon Man and no other units/buildings. The map is almost symmetrical.


Laser War (Ruined): Either control a number of ruins or be the last team or man standing
Laser War (Conquest): Be the last team or man standing.

The maps can be played as FFA or as Team games. I’ve made sure that P1 and P2 spawn opposite sides, followed by P3 and P4 spawning opposite sides, following clockwise placement. If you play Teamed games, keep in mind the unit placement. This is the downside of using a fixed map.

You can get these maps right here:

Any feedback is welcome to improve or perhaps create smaller version for 4p and such. Either message here or drop me a PM.




I had similar map type once, you type 5 times ‘big daddy’ and you del your town center, then you have to kill a map filled with priests, this is pretty stressful, if you lose 1 car, you usually lose a 2nd one.

Nice! I remember playing this game type!
If you know Man Hunt, Think you could do one for man hunt?
So much fun!

I’ve added a 2-4 player version, which features a smaller and different map. Use this one if you want to play 1vs1, 2vs2 or FFA.

@x999xRoses I have no idea what Man Hunt exactly entails.

Manhunt was usually played on a tiny/small map and you only had 1 villager to play with. No building. People would use ruins and artifacts to assist in cornering enemies or hiding from enemies when weak.