May Patch: Stuttering, and score on Ranked Benchmark test dropped 100+ points

Following the latest patch, for me the game game has become quite stuttery.
At the same time, my score on the Multiplayer Ranked Benchmark test has dropped about 100-130 points, from 1180ish to 1050ish.

I’m a bit surprised as I am lucky enough to own a machine with 16 core/32 thread AMD Threadripper 1950x @ 3.4GHz, 128GB RAM, 8GB Nvidia RTX 2060super.

The stuttering is constant. I don’t dare play multiplayer now, and single player is disheartening to play.

Anyone else getting this stuttering or similar drop in the benchmark test score?

What is the purpose of this, just asking out of curiosity.


Never had under 1200, just done it now and i got 1208, all the options are on max and enhanced pack on, my machine is an old i5 4th gen, gtx970, only 16gb ram. Maybe it’s something from you machine/windows settings. I had stuttering on very few of the games and it shows on the scoreboard because of who is this stuttery with a red symbol, i think :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of this, just asking out of curiosity.

Beats me. Pride?
Nominally data science stuff. It’s not often I get to use all of it at once, but it does happen.

Good to know. I’m wondering if this is just my setup, or if others are having similar problems (which I am hearing). It is surely something under the hood that has changed with this patch, although it looks like it doesn’t affect all users.