May please add cooldowns with a numeric timer instead of a graphic timer?

Use number like this image (precision numeric info)
instead of image (not precision info)

this would be an upgrade, giving more precision information.

Thanks in advance.

Or if developers dont do it, may please some mod maker do it? i think this would be the best upgrade for the game.

i left a poll to know if players currently playing age of empires 3 want to add this precision numeric info instead of graphic info

  • numeric precision info
  • graphic info

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I’m not quite sure it’s possible to add that as mod.
There is no function at all, that remotely does this

im thinking there is something that shows number its the number of units that are in a batch queue. its not related to like a timer but since a number can be shown it must be possible to connect to like the cooldown timer

No, these are totally different things.