May please make a little tutorial of what we have to do to win on king of hill?

nobody knows that the match is king of hill, a little video tutorial must be at starting the game of king of hill

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A tutorial would be nice… but the map description already tells people what to do - “ A central fort dominates the map. Capture and hold it for victory

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oh great then we do nothing

Hold the Middle for 10 minutes with age 2 and above units

Usually pretty self-explanatory. :smiley:

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the problem is that people dont know that you have to kill all the enemy troops controlling the fort , they think they just need tohave a myority ont he fort
also people cant know that the fort is controllable on age 2

also would be good we know how many time left to win has even thopuigh they are not controlling fort

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If 2005 players knew, 2023 ones can. Dont infantilize people

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not even 2005 knew, thats why playing king of hill its a waste of time

real complex stuff here y’all


Maybe instead of being toxic and saying he has not common sense. Maybe its best to give him advice. What deck, What units, What strategies, Where the Hill will appear(its not always in the middle). Instead of telling him its self explanatory.

Because you guys saying its self explanatory is kinda toxic.

If its a 1 v 1.
Its highly likely that you go age 2 train cav take the middle and provoke an attack. Or try to get to age 3 and have your 2 falcs up or a buncha other shit depending on the civ. Try to put outposts around the hill or some production structures. Walling is good too but you need to keep at least 1 unit alive (Military) near the hill.

If its FFA. And you dont have the hill. Force the owner of the hill to defend his base. So the middle is easier to capture. try not to commit your whole force. If the timer is ticking and you have it. You will most likely be teamed on. Its good advice to not overcommit when you can be attacked everywhere. If somehow the fight does drag on. Its good to have infinite Cards to hold your base or the center.

I hope this helps.


mmm yea people see king of hill map and they say:
what is this?
there is no description before the game starts, they even ask if the fort will be in the center of the map
also most importantly the time left to win, should be always displayed next to the player even if he doesnt have the control, it would be funnier

The time gets shown in the top middle ?

i mean

as image above, we can see how much time is left for a player to win and who is controlling the fort because we see a crown next to the name, this way we know who is just 10 seconds to win and dont let that player control again the fort for anything in the world.
also the name “king of hill” could change to “control the fort in the middle of map”, and maybe somewhere appears a description “You have to kill to the last enemy unit close to the fort in order to take control of the fort, do it before time runs out” hovering the mouse over the lobby on somewhere that displays this.

Also a music could be played when a player has the fort control and are only 5 minutes left, other music under 1 minute and other music under 10 seconds accompanied with voice countdown 10, 9 , 8 , 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 , 0.

Also a historic battle could be the introduction to this kind of game, i bet there were many battles in history to control one important zone, like in “Puebla Battle”

Also players could decide if the time of control for winning is 10, 20 , 30 , 40 etc minutes. That would be nice because increasing the tim over 10 minutes it let some players that want to reach age V to fight.

I speak Spanish as main lenguage , i hope i expressed myself correctly.

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Sorry was thinking about the legacy UI where its much better stated.

mmm imo taht is good too, except for the amount of space, too much space that can be for seeing units

excuse me, what map description?? do you even plan aoe3 de? there is no map description, and if player has a fast computer wont lhave a description loading map, will enter to the game in 1 seconds. And there is no description anywhere only here:
that would say king of hill and after enter on the

you cannot see any descrioption about what rules you playing, once you enter to that, there is no description of rules, i can accidentally join to a no rush 60 min and i dont realize im on a 60 min no rush until the game starts, then i just quit and search another game

do you mean this description?

only the host of the match can see it… the rest just dont know what king of hill is as there is no more description

let me guess… you dont even play king of hill

Antes de unirte, en la lista de partidas hay un apartado de “Reglas”, donde claramente pone 40/60 min/Clásica/A Muerte… De poco sirve que esté si no leemos. Además, una vez en la sala, puedes ver las reglas pasando el cursor por la “i” al lado del nombre de la partida.

Cualquiera puede ser anfitrión, y como tú, ver todas las opciones posibles.

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bueno lo de la letra i no lo sabia.

si cualquiera puede ser anfitrion, pero yo no anfitreo porque siempre se unira alguien diciendo, que es este modo de juego? nunca lo he jugado, que tenemos que hacer? y nada mas, entonces sabes que no sabran que tienen que matar hasta el ultimo soldado para hacerse con el fuerte, la mayoria piensa que solo con tener mas tropas que el enemigo etc.

seria bueno agregar una batalla historica donde se de introduccion a este modo de juego