May PUP out!

hopefully better pathing too but isn’t noted

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Any new graphics or editor assets?


As far as I can tell it’s only bug fixes and map balance.

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Every update I have the same disappointment.

they mention about crash fixes maybe this has something to do with your crashes?

also hope they address the desync problem too

In one month MS will have a showcase of their upcoming products. Possibly DLC will be announced there.

Tho’ there is a big Red Bull tournament on the way.

Wasn’t the first announcement of this year meant to showcase all AoE coming this entire year?


Will this PUP fix the crashes? I do hope so. I was praying for a hotfix, but seems like i have to wait a full month…

If so, the only interesting things coming this year for the entire Age of Empires series are Baltic DLC for AoE 3 and, above all, AoM: Retold. AoE 2 and AoE 4 without any DLC announcements seem to be extremely boring.

I dont think so… I think for AOE 2 and AOE 4 they showcased only immediate updates… They showed the full update of AOE 3 this year because it hadnt got any update in 2023 so people were frustrated.

So I think AOE 2 and AOE 4 will receive at least one DLC each. Not counting V&V.


They have published road maps for AoE2 in the past, but they were crappy. The devs probably dont do it again.

Can you give the date?

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Seems like it is still not fixed…