May Submission Thread

@jennywaboom Hi, just to let you know, the prize list poster has a typo in the third prize, where it says “availible”. I believe it is supposed to be “available”.
(and as for my submission I will have it made soon : D)

It seems my post is waiting for approval - its here: /uploads/editor/po/reny53xh2yh7.jpg

The best wy to recluit new soldiers is a Wololo

Waiting for Aoe 2:DE!!

My Entries:

(Some of the Bakground pictures are taken from other players work,there was no rule that we cant use them.)
(if the picture is yours , thank you for your work.Please have no hard feelings i really respect the art you did)
(as for the words, they are totally mine.)

@Trillionaire Thank you man, at least now I know someone reads & likes my work :slight_smile: Good luck mate on this competition.

My submission:

(read with caution)

@superninja418 said:
Is there a winner cool down, so you can’t win for a certain number of months because you’ve already won?

There is a 4 months-long cooldown. Meaning if you win this month’s contest, you will have to wait till October before being able to win another. Any submissions during the cooldown period will be disqualified and will just sit there as a decoration; but it doesn’t mean you can’t submit one, it’s just that you won’t be able to win ^^

“Every age needs a leader”
My submission:

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@CarloV3rhoef Look sick man!

Good evening.

blabla apologies for my engrish, plz give credit to the original image author which i dont remember the name.
This is part of a translated song, changed on 2 words only.
Hope i did the submition in time and acording to rules (i didnt saw anywhere stated it should be recruitment theme)