Maya holcan javalineer not getting affected by techs

The maya pikemen was replaced with update 54545 by the Maya Holcan Javelineer, a Musketeer type unit. Although it doesn’t get any of the benefits from the advanced arsenal techs, not as a melee heavy infantry, or a rifle infantry unit, it’s a plain unit with musk like stats. It only gets the Socket Bayonet tech, boosting 20% melee dmg.

I call out the devs to take a look at this one, since it’s one of the strongest age2 shipments for spain and aztecs.

Why would it though? It doesn’t have a rifle or musket, so I’d imagine the only techs that effect it are socket bayonet and military drummers.

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if u note the effects of the advanced arsenal tech
It specifically affects gunpowder units so a lot of units that are musket type (I would prefer to use the term line infantry for clarity) will not be affected by these kinds of tech

these include

  • Tommahawk
  • Gascenya
  • Now the Javelineer
  • Also the Incan Bolas

it’s the only case where this happens, considering they have musk multipliers, they should be considered a musketeer, such as the tomahawk. It’s fitting for them to have those tags, also, if this issue were kept, that would make maya the worst native ally possible.

Well, they have innate advantages, like a 1.5 ROF in range. Even if the attack stays lower than a musk (they have 10 atk iirc) it avoid a lot of overkill and can be considered a huge advantage in larger group fights.

I agree, line infantry would be a much better name. But there isn’t even a light infantry tag so I’m not super hopeful they’d make that change.

There are a few more you missed:

  • Somali Issa Warrior
  • Yoruba Oyo Legionary
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if you think that’s something of a crazy advantage, wait until you see the african units

And Gascenya are not affected by these upgrades… so yeah, same advantage, same drawback.

They already have the musket infantry tag so it would just be a rename.

There is a light infantry tag, its the shock infantry tag.

But the tommahawk are the same case as the javelin, they are also not affected by advanced arsenal techs except for bayonet (which is kinda funny) and military drummers

Hopefully that’s something that gets changed with so many new line infantry that don’t use muskets.

Skirmishers and archers were what was originally called light infantry in the base game. It just got very muddled when they changed it to what is now shock infantry in War Chiefs. Now that they’ve got a proper name for shock infantry, they could give a proper tag to what is supposed to be light infantry. It would make displaying multipliers much cleaner. Things like “x1.5 to infantry and x0.67 to heavy infantry” could just be “x1.5 to light infantry”.

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that could be a thing in the future though I think tag changes has been done so far for the purposes of introducing potential new units/mechanics or to prevent weird interactions. Like how they sneaked in that Melee skirm tag for the class of units now that I think only includes the sudanese dervish and the Urumi ( so it hints they plan to do some kind of unit in that mould in the future)

So unless there is some kind of unit or like special tech that would require this kind of tag to isolate it, I dont think it will be a priority. (it would have to be something like that Somali tech that buffs basically infantry that would count under this “light infantry” tag

I didn’t realize there’s a new tag for that. It’s a bit strange since they’re pretty much opposite units with Dervishes dealing melee damage from range and Urumi dealing ranged damage from melee.

The change to the shock infantry unit class was more just for clarity so a similar light infantry unit class should be a possibility even if they don’t introduce anything novel.

Gunpowder weapons are predominant in this era. They should be more upgradable than archaic weapons.
This is a theme that is still somewhat retained despite some unique buff cards for certain archaic units (but they still generally benefit less from techs).

Urumi actually deals melee damage but has similar multipliers as skirmishers. That’s the same with the dervish.

I’m pretty sure they deal ranged damage. It lets them bypass the melee resistance on heavy infantry and be extra effective against them.

I just checked. You’re right.

the reason for the dervish is that they are meant to charge in and engage in melee ( I think their max dps in melee) unlike other skirm type units where even with multipliers u still do less damage in melee

+1 to change Musket Infantry to Line Infantry. It should be an easy change.

Introducing Light Infantry tag would be more time consuming, but also could work.

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why should flint lock and paper cartridge buff a guy yeeting a javelin