Maya revolt for Mexico is OP

You still need a veeeeey long time to get all the shipments as Maya. You need over 25 shipments to max out. You need to fight a bit as well. OP simply got outplayed.

May can access imperial stat gendarms via card. Its mostly canons and musk to counter them

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Yes, the Mayans may have access to cuirassiers. But that would take another card or two before it revolutionized. I believe that the Mayan army is already one of the most powerful without having cavalry and can preside over it. however, it is another alternative.

also all his stables become war huts, so his city is one of the most difficult to besiege.

It should also be mentioned that the Mayans have recently received a nerf (now cuatreros can no longer hunt.). However, their economy is better than it might seem and they hold up well to a “war of attrition” and will eventually overwhelm you in numbers.

correct, from my point of view, there are approximately eleven shipments as mexico, six as yucatan and eleven as mayas (28 cards in total). But the important thing is to get the 17 important cards that cannot be obtained once we revolutionize to Mayans. Since the Mayans are played in a 60 minute treaty with high resources, the Mayans will build as many buildings as they can fit on their starting space. In this way they will get the experience relatively quickly to go to Yucatan without losing important cards. If the game is also empire wars the time will be less.

Therefore, the Mayans don’t have that much trouble getting those 11 cards before they become Yucatan. from yucatan they only need 6 cards (although shipments are more difficult to obtain in that time.) and they already have access to more economic technologies, which makes the wait until they become Mayans more tolerable. As Mayans there are still many cards to get, but we already have access to imperial economic technologies (with the exception of gold), so we can take it without so much haste (only Native Americans can get all of their cards before 60 minutes.). Before 60 minutes, the Mayans should already have about 20 shipments or more, which is enough to have a competent economy and army.

Once the 60 minutes of treaty is up, the shipments will be achieved quickly and since almost all mayan cards increase the population of holcan lancers, we will simultaneously improve our units and increase the population of holcan lancers.

So, despite the disadvantages of becoming a Mayan, the Mayans are still OP in 60 minute treaty with high resources. especially if it is a game of empire wars.

Something minor and funny too is that the outlaw gang card for Maya ships treasure guardian muskteers which are affected by all your upgrades and end up stupendously fast and very powerful as a result. Like 9 speed and 60 ranged attack. A guy on reddit was being dramatic about it and saying it would ruin the game but unless he’s found some way to train them in batches there’s no realistic way to mass them. You’d need dozens of shipments just to get a handful.