Maybe musketeers could have slightly more smoke when they fire?

This is what Age of Empires 4 units look like when fired

This is what Age of Empires 3 units look like when they shoot. Although considering that this effectively avoids the problem of unclear picture recognition, the effect seems to be a bit weak, and the restoration of history is not accurate enough.

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There is more smoke on AoE III than displayed on your image. Your game looks like it is modded as hell. Maybe provide unmodded screenshots to better support your point ?

Personnally, I find he effect on AoE IV are far from good, I prefer the SFX effect on Aoe III.


and the restoration of history is not accurate enough.
People really should stop using ‘history’ and ‘realism’ a.s. s.o.l.e argument when it comes to game design decisions.

You can start analysis of a game from that perspective and destroy almost every single aspect of it.
It’s not a simulator. It’s not an immersive sim. The engine is being pushed beyond what it was initially intended to do.
Smoke looks totally fine. Game on the highest settings can already spin fans or your card. I can’t see the benefit of adding more effects and obscuring vision.
Is this really a problem tho? Not just a one mission in challenge mode, not the complexity of the AI, not the performance optimization in big MP games, but amount black powder smoke?

It’s fine. Not to say there is no room for improvement, there is. In sequel. I’m for volumetric clouds of smoke being influenced by wind from dynamic weather system, and that smoke dynamically changing accuracy and vision of affected units etc. But this engine is around 20yo. Let’s focus on what matters and carries the most benefits for the biggest groups of players, and product as a whole.

BTW a new profile icon right on the topic of smoke effect…

Are you saying Waterloo didn’t start with Napoleón checking Prussian and British decks?


Only the game textures have been changed, but the smoke effect has not changed. You can take a screenshot to see for yourself.

It does make sense. 20 characters

In addition, the reason why I use this picture is because I only have this picture with a lot of musketeers shooting at each other.
This is a screenshot when my friend and I tested the unit texture MOD online.
If you think it is “as hell”, I really look forward to your own screenshot without “hell”, thank you.