Maybe Soldier on the wall

Maybe the archers of AOE 4 can stay on the wall?
On the boat or even on the elephant

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This is a good thought. I think combining adds strategic variety. And it makes the game look more advanced. It is also satisfactory. But the developers said historical accuracy is important. Still, I’d like to see things like that in the game. Maybe they will be weaker than others but they can develop. It will also be nice to see camels, elephants and ships in the game.

That was a thing though having archers on the walls so that’s historical. However, I’m not convinced that it will work out great in a game like Age of Empires.

There is an issue that it will feel like a smaller version of a total war game. But I hope to be proven wrong, let’s hope for the best!

There where soldiers on the walls in the trailer so I assume they will be in the game.

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