Medical Corps need a buff!

30HP per minute for such big, tanky fellas is as good as not regenerating at all, and you barely see any improvement in their health, and it will be a waste of time and population space waiting for them to regenerate. You would just see your poor elephant army decimated and wasting more resources to renew your army instead.

Can’t we make their regeneration rate 100HP per minute instead, and save up good resources and army instead?

For 30 injured elephants that’s the same as six monks.

If you think that is insufficient then I take no issue with that but to suggest that the healing equivalent 1/5 monk per elephant is nothing is hyperbolic.

monks aren’t a relevant comparison?

1/5 of a monk on a archer is huge. a monk healing a knight is significant. 1/5 of a monk on an elephant is nothing.


Not sure why monks aren’t a relevant comparison when we’re talking about a unit healing themselves…and monks can heal other units. Failing to see the irrelevance in that comparison.

Again, if you don’t think the healing is ENOUGH that’s fine, but it’s hyperbolic to say it’s nothing.

All I’m saying is 1/5 monk ≠ 0 monk.

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Dravidian Siege Elephants would be affected by it. Regen rams would be OP.

Imo medical Corps should apply to all healable units.
And should regenerate a fraction of the max HP rather than a fixed amount.

Something like 10-15 % of the max HP per minute, potentially even 20 %, but then it needs to be more expensive.