Medium & Hard difficulty icons for campaigns are swapped

Game Version:

  • Build (latest)
  • Platform (Steam)


Look a ‘AoE2DE\widgetui\textures\menu\icons’ folder and you’ll see the icons called difficulty_medium.png & difficulty_hard.png are swapped.

1 sword is easy
2 swords is hard
3 swords is medium

1 sword is easy
2 swords is medium
3 swords is hard

Reproduction Steps:

see above


Everyone has been jebaited by the devs :smile:

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Genghis Khan campaign doesn’t seem “1 sword” level.

If this is true it’s a pretty major screwup and I hope they fix it quickly.

Reminds me of the original X-Com. It had like eight difficulty levels but there was a bug so no matter what you picked it was ‘hardest’ level.

Thank you for the report, we have now fixed this for the next update.



■■■■, I will look again to see if the 2 swords campaign were really harder. But it makes sense that some campaign are harder or easier than expected.