Meet John of Wallingford...the horseman that doesn't want to die

I considered this weird enough to share it with the community.

This…is John of Wallingford, he can’t die, he DOESN’T WANT to die sitting comfortably at 0/253 HP and protecting Lady Matilda’s right to the throne with- well not his life, but apparently his will alone.

I guess units need a negative number to count as dead.

Proof that it’s not edited or whatever: Twitch

Hey, does John have any unfinished business that keeps him tethered to this plane of existence?

We’ll look into it. Thank you for the report @Wrabia!

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My observations say that he wanted to protect his hometown and the rightful heir to the throne. Right after the battle he retired due to quite disturbing injuries during my testing: 20 arrows in the face, 3 spears in the back and he fell off the horse once. Nonetheless he rests in a cottage outside Wallingford now. Will write him in the legends book next to Timothy the brave, an Indian settler from Age 3 who fought the British alone dodging cannons, armies and resisting multiple gunshots. He won the game and rebuilt his entire civ from the jaws of defeat.

As I’ve seen this bug has to do more with the damage the units do on other units as I’ve saved the game, reloaded and John doesn’t stay alive nor does this bug endure further. So I’ve concluded that the horseman can quite be any other unit provided the damage dealt to it is exactly the number of its HP. Due to 0 being considered a positive value, the game does not consider the horseman as DEAD, it looks invincible but it is not.

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