Meeting House USA Civ

So the historically accurate thing to do is remove the Church, add a fictional building to a fictional civ and use a fictional icon:

Double standards at their finest.


Meeting houses are basically churches for the Quakers right?

A Friends meeting house is a meeting house of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), where meeting for worship is usually held.

Two people shaking hands doesnt seem like a terrible icon for something like that?


Ah, so they are just making the majority of Christians look worse ?

1, 3, 4 wuttt???

4 seems to imply that only Quaker members did this?

Bruh, they literally get Gold from 2 Churches at a higher rate than pre-carded Banks.
Those are not christians.


they ran banks

Oppose War (Christ said christians must always have a sword, which means some wars have to be fought, Luke 22:36) and opposed Slavery (Luke 20:36, Freedom from even Death, Matthew 22:30, cannot be given away because tehy are free like angels).
That is the only 2 good things they did.

And like any other hyppocrite, they run afoul of their own scripture by being teetotal (not by what man puts into his mouth is he polluted, but by what comes out, Matthew 15:11),and open Banks (the love of Wealth is the root of Evil, 1st Timothy 6:10).

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yes and the ‘practiced discernment’ really means every Friends group will be a cult :rofl:

Each group discerns God’s word for them selves?? not organized, as God is (1 Corinthians 14:33)

The United States has appeared, and it should have Plantation.
The developers said that they attach great importance to history.
haha ~they really shot themselves in the foot


No this won’t happen because this history doesn’t agree with their atheist power fantasy

Even if they had Plantation, with a buffed Capitalism card, Fortress Age Factory, and 2 Churches that outproduce Banks, they would never even need to build them.

By the way, they also have a card to give all Estate upgrades for free, which they will never even use, because they do not need Estates.