MegaRandom and Mongols

Why everyone pick Mongols on MegaRandom? I heard pro telling you they are best pick for this map because of lots of hunt. Most MegaRandom maps seems to have less hunt in my experience. Am i just unlucky?

Also as Mongols you wanna go for Mangudai. But some of the last maps also had less stone. So having multiple castle was also not really an option.

I must admit i picked Mongols too. 2 out of the last 3 games on MegaRandom were Mongol mirrors. In the other game i didnt picked Mongols, my enemy pick Mongols.

What do you think is the best civ to counter Mongols? Next time i got MegaRandom i will go for that civ.

I guess that Lithuanian with their super skirms have a good shot at that, and the starting food should give you a fast start too. Since Mongols are weaker in Castle, you can also use any civ you’re confortable with for Castle age agression.

you can get random advantages from some of the dumb stuff like starting with a castle or maps having 500 deer. scouting bonus is also a bit more relevant than on the normal maps.

Berbers hard counter Mongols, castle age and forward

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