Megarandom in ranked potentially too punishing for low elo

Firstly i myself am fine with megarandom. But ive seen my friends and allies struggling immensely on certain megarandom maps. I propose changing the algos such that megarandom has a lower chance of occuring if a player has a specific elo (eg 1000 and below) although of course there could be alternative solutions.

The game already has a lot of things to learn, counter play, prepare for etc etc. Now on top of all of that you have such weird maps that almost guarantee such different playstyles i find that newer /lower elo players have an even harder time vs more experienced players.

There’s a megarandom that gives each player about one gold pile of 4 blocks and one pile of stone. That’s it besides food and wood. If a player doesn’t cater for this its guaranteed trash wars from the get go, both crippling certain factions (eg turks) and making for a very unique battle

Another megarandom map has stupendous amounts of gold and stone on top of a giant plateau in the middle. With each player only connected by shallows to the middle, making it harder to help allies, while encouraging rushing for the middle with a much higher reward vs risk compared to gold pit.

Another megarandom map essentially plays like team islands.

I understand they want variety in the game, but i question whether this is too much too early for lower level ranked, added on top of all the other stress factors newer/low elo players face.

Of course some people like this, but surely for the majority that wants to win it is more a handicap and can be very intimidating.

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I don’t mind it, really. And I’m a low elo player (1200 in DE 1V1). I think it opens the gameplay and put you through new situations. If your opponent has the same level that you, well, he’s screwed as you are :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it’s not alpine lakes…