MegaThread: Roadmap & Things that should be implemented

Since the devs haven’t given us any information since the closed beta about their roadmap or what will be implemented post-launch, I will kindly remind you to consider the following feature requests (click on the points to see more):

More Zoom options

After the closed beta feedback you decided to increase the max zoom out level, but also decrease the max zoom in level. On top of that, the increased zoom is barely noticeable, you still can’t have a trebuchet and its target in the same frame. This discussion is getting tiresome, I’d like you to take inspiration from AOE3DE and add far and very far zoom options while allowing players to zoom in more. Also, there should be an option to have control over the camera tilt too. Really, the fact that so many players have to discuss this with you is worrying for the future development of this game.

Queues and production
  • Add a global queue (apparently it will come post launch)
  • Show production queue as number instead of single entities
  • Add a shortcut to cancel the last unit in queue
  • You should be able to set the gather point to the building itself just like in AOE2, resulting in units garrisoned inside the building. This way you can deploy them in batch instead of getting killed off one by one.

UI Improvements, Unit/Building Selection, Player Info, Waypoints and Minimap
  • Add a button to bring up the menu, currently only possible by pressing ESC/F10
  • Improve the visual difference between techs/units that can`t be built because of insufficient resources and those with tech or age up requirements
  • Show the total amount of villagers you have permanently, currently only visible via tooltip
  • Show resources generated by holy sites
  • Show building/units stats when units are garrisoned inside the selected building
  • Show market prices without the need to hover over the buttons
  • You should be able to shift click market and tribute transactions
  • Improve the tech tree with detailed information and all exact bonuses
  • You should be able to deselect individual units via UI
  • F1-F4 should show all units and techs available instead of currently mixing them
  • Give every player a player number for better communication (So players can say “Attack P1”)
  • Add a permanently visible info in the corner displaying player names, faction, player number and current age
  • Show waypoints (units and buildings) on the map & minimap
  • Move Dynasty Button, it is too easy to click on in the middle
  • Show unit firing range number on panel instead of tooltip, I want to immediately see if the same enemy unit has more range than mine
  • Add Minimap modes to switch between military and economic info (alternatively let the minimap switch contextually depending on the selected unit)
  • Enhance readability of the minimap by making the icons smaller, it is unreadable on bigger maps (see screenshot section)

Construction, Shortcuts, Intelligent Selection, Advanced Unit Controls
  • Placing harbors and mills should absolutely not delete nearby resources like fish and berries
  • More shortcuts and fully customizable (mouse) hotkeys (for example hotkey to select all TCs, barracks etc)
  • Add an option to use WASD instead of arrow keys to move around (works when no unit selected)
  • Add an option to use the right mouse button instead of scroll wheel to drag the camera (works when no unit selected)
  • Fix intelligent selection, it should only select villagers when there are no military units in the selection box. This selection can also be inversed while holding down a button to only select villagers (see AOE2:DE).
  • Add an option to prevent units being a part of multiple control groups, rearranging control groups is difficult this way
  • Improve current shortcut behavior like jumping to scattered control groups (should jump to where most units of that group are instead of the middle) and F1-F4 Buildings (should select with one click, double clicking should jump to location)
  • Garrisoned units that get ejected should move to the building’s rally point
  • Unit commands like follow and patrol are missing
  • Unit stances like do not fire, aggressive, defensive are missing
  • There should be an option for “Stand ground” to not deactivate when repositioning
  • Add an option to deactivate “right-click to garrison”
  • Give players the ability to ungarrison individual units
  • Improve unit behavior to defend against neutral units that attack you (neutral players, wolves)(see screenshot section)
  • Improve input delay when giving units orders, it completely eliminates any possibility for micro

Lobby, Spectate, Post-Match, Chat and Loading Screen Options
  • Allow mouse scrolling in the lobby/spectate browser
  • Add in-game diplomacy (ally/neutral/enemy)
  • Add selectable higher population limits
  • Add larger map sizes
  • Add an option to change the game speed in custom lobbies and singleplayer like AOE2
  • Add an option to select a random civilization for the player and AI players
  • Add a setting to display player scores in custom lobbies and singleplayer
  • Sort the score with teams grouped together, then in order best to worst
  • Introduce a system to pick your color in lobbies (either like former AOE games have or a preferred color picker used in games like RISK)
  • Allow pausing, saving and loading/restoring games in multiplayer and singleplayer
  • Players in custom games starting in later ages should be able to build landmarks from previous ages
  • Revamp the spectator UI: Take inspiration from AOE2 Capture Age (Population comparison panel and Gaia/neutral player for example are missing)!
  • Allow spectators to see the in-game chat
  • Fix the bug where everyone wins after one player is defeated in FFA
  • Allow players to see the entire map post-match
  • Rearrange the statistics screen so you don’t have to scroll left and right
  • Chat from the match should carry over to the post-game chat
  • Add Taunts for players to give the AI commands and for better communication with teammates
  • Give players an option turn off the chat filter
  • Improve the chat delay
  • Loading screen should show the current map so you know what map you are loading in to

Visuals and Scaling
  • Units are hard to tell apart from their upgraded versions
  • Knights and riders are still difficult to distinguish as they both have pointy things pointing upwards
  • Siege weapons are difficult to distinguish when moving in carriages as they are too dark and samey looking
  • Ships should have water reflections and wave physics/animations when moving
  • Improve the immersion breaking scaling: Could you please give us an option to switch to the original 2019 reveal trailer scaling? Will you impose competitive design on scenario/single player/casual players? In AOE2DE you could enhance readability through options & mods (see screenshot section)!

Population Limit and Victory Conditions
  • Increase the pop cap to 250 due to units eating up multiple housing slots (especially navy)
  • Your teammates should stay alive until all your team‘s landmarks are destroyed to allow comebacks
  • Add a button to minimize objectives, they are always visible even when irrelevant and take up too much space

New Features and game modes
  • Add King regicide mode from AOE2
  • Players should be able to build or place siege units on walls
  • Players should be able to connect their walls with allied walls and castles
  • Consider adding a bonus/penalty for units fighting/moving downhill/uphill

Scenario Editor

Just reminding you that it absolutely has to come with triggers and advanced configuration options, not as a simple multiplayer map maker



Neutral Units:



(Under investigation to see if something changed from the closed beta)
  • Improving the “attack move” command so it properly prioritizes units
  • Improving building selection areas (TC’s selection area is all over the place)
  • Improving unit hitboxes (it is almost impossible to single out a converting priest during battle)
  • Improving unit selection feedback (there is no clear indication I am attacking said priest)
  • Perfect archer accuracy

zoom is fine, it’s same as AOE 3 and AOEO. If you think you want to play AOE 2 zoom, play AOE 2. Zoom is final and doesn’t need any change.


I like your points in UI improvements and all the selection options, but I don’t agree with the visuals and scaling I think they are fine.


I’m afraid you’d need to explain each feature to the devs, because I honestly think they are so strangers to true RTS and AoE that they have no idea what some of those are. Not that they even read what is written here, hahaha, at this point I feel like we are only here for the laughs.

So you’d need to tell them about the “go to building” hotkeys present in any AoE or “select all barracks” etc, specifically explain them why the UI is bad because you cant select individual units etc, why patrol is important, why stances are…
Im telling you, they most likely have absolutely no idea what you are even talking about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Fine for you perhaps, claustrophobic as hell to others.

Allowing more zoom won’t affect you if you don’t intend on using it so I fail to see your argument.


more zoom give clear advantage, zoom % is part of a game’s rule set. Everyone plays at same level. End of story.

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In AOE3 I can see the mortar and its target in the same frame, I can‘t in AOE4 with the trebuchet.
Some claim they can, so it probably has to do with monitor size and screen resolution.
I am playing on a 38“ in 3840x1600.


You brought up AOE3, wich has the zoom settings far, very far and now ludicrous in the option menu.
I am proposing the same for AOE4, so that should be no problem :slight_smile:


The zoom in AoE4 is far too hemmed in compared to AoE3 and AoEO. I thought this was something everyone agreed on. Perhaps I am misunderstanding?


Imagine putting 14 icons of a spearman instead of a single icon with a 14 number on it in the building queue of a barrack… Oh yeah that’s how ■■■■■■ AoE IV UI/UX is :rofl:


Maybe as suggested by @DGPstudios you already see way more than I do. If so you already are at an advantage. I casually play games on my now somewhat dated gaming laptop. I played at 1920x1080 and it felt incredibly awkward.

In the closed beta I tried getting use to it. Played around 20 hours and just couldn’t. It is ok is some scenarios, but in many I feel completely blind and way too close.

Tried the stress test’s “new and improved zoom”. Felt like it needed at least 2-4 more levels of said change, which was painfully small.

They made the game to literally run on a potato, but what’s the point when I can’t even see what is attacking me on the same screen

Lastly, maybe you enjoy a super competitive restrictive one size fits all gameplay, but 80% of aoe2 de players do not even play ranked. Not sure on aoe3 de as I couldn’t find a stat, but I’m willing to bet the majority play custom or campaigns. I predict a lot of players on game pass will end up giving a pass on this game if this isn’t tweak.

You might get your desired zoom, but at the expense of players and a dwindling community


ZOOM needs to be adjusted and game needs to zoom out more. A lot more.
Only those who do nothing but playing tournament style and memorize/repeat the keyword mappings like a lab monkey and prefer users don’t see the battlefield like in any other war or battle just so that they get an advantage in the game by learning short keys and memorizing key maps while completely clueless in the strategy department.

Which general or commander has ever had a few meters of view at his disposal? They have a view of the entire battlefield to command their units around and actually be a commander and the best strategist will win not the nerd who has mapped the first 100 moves of the game to short keys and just repeats the same monkey pattern over and over and over again in a click-fest.

But this game is being designed for kids now so kids can finish games in 4 minutes by rushing and ignoring all aspects of fighting an EMPIRE. That is why they are also dumbing down the game. Arrows hit 100%. No friendly fire damage. Remove blood and unit corpses and list goes on just to make the game available to minimum age players who don’t want to figure out complexities like taking the high ground for an advantage. Oh, wait taking the high ground in AoE4 does not have any advantage! Remember, it is designed for kids while ignoring more mature players and in the same exact way they designed the game for minimum hardware spec and ignoring the great majority with higher end hardware spec. They designed this game for minimum age and minimum hardware spec and that is why we are witnessing this non-epic game.


agree with all points here

zoom and pop cap both need to be massively increased
these are the two largest issues


Yeah, like what were they even thinking when designing it that way. Why have nobody told them how wrong this is?
So we have 14 icons of a spearman instead of a single icon when it makes no sense to select individual units (if we queue of a barracks), AND a single icon of a spearman with a 14 number in the selection panel instead of 14 icons in order to be able to individually select units (if we have 14 already recruited spearman selected in the game). So they got them the complete wrong way around!
:joy: :joy: :joy:
I mean, the UI/UX doesn’t get any dumber than that.


I like this idea.

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I would like to add to the intelligent selection suggestion. In AoE2:DE (possibly in others as well?) you had a similar “smart” selection option (at least I assume that’s how its supposed to work in AoE4), but you also had the ability to hold Alt which would switch it to select only villagers even if military was present in the box. This allowed for quickly removing villagers from an area without compromising your army’s position.


Makes sense, I’ll edit the point. Thanks!

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Do you go on Overwatch forums and complain that the frame rate needs to be capped at 30 frames per second because you have an old monitor?

I do not understand this argument. If you want to enjoy the game with an older PC, fine, but don’t hamstring the rest of us because you think you ought to be competitive with it.


Sigh. Let’s cap the frame rate to 30FPS and the APM to 10 as well while we’re at it.

Zooming out being touted as an advantage itself is incorrect in the first place - if you zoom out too much in an RTS, you shoot yourself in the foot, as you’ll misclick more than you’d like. RTS ≠ MOBA.

Furthermore, the optimization of the game will be an ongoing effort by the devs so folks with lower end PCs will not only be able to play at higher frame rate, but also with better visuals. Right now, the lowest settings in AoE4 is unfortunately really bad, so they have some work to do regarding this. I’m sure they’ll be able to iron out the issues as the engine otherwise seems to be quite decent.


why then it is not fixed? But there are the setting, that allow to zoom in.
If I’m playing zoomed in and you are playing at max zoom, then you are the cheater?
cause >> more zoom give clear advantage << → u are the cheater.

PS having Naga mouse…that’s the reason why they forbid to use mouse keys?


i still can use mouse keys as numbers. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:.
unfair advantage over you.

also, i bought second 1920*1080 monitor, and they allow to use wide screen to see “bigger” picture. again complete domination over u.

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