Meiji Restoration Needs Change

This is my first time making a topic, maybe this has been discussed before… :grin:

Really this game is very good and the components in it make me comfortable without getting bored. but there is one thing that really bothers me, namely the Meiji restoration of Japan.

It’s a shame that the Meiji restoration in AoE3DE is still the same as in AoE3, both are useless. This game developer should be able to add certain buffs, for example the industrial buff, changing the villager to revolutionary, or even certain special units that are available either through military locations or home city cards.

Hopefully there will be future developments regarding this Meiji restoration, so that it can be more interesting and useful.

What do you think? :thinking:


it has been brought up once or twice before.

but yes, the meiji restore is a pretty boring and useless tech, but i also think the devs are vary of giving japan a straight buff like this.

ive always felt it should give access to a short ranged skirmisher under the name “imperial/meiji infantry”.


yea sounds good, meiji infantry… kind of revolutionary but with japanese style

Could get a similar treatment like the French revolution, as a fun eastern egg for age 5z

Regular units get a “modern” reskin + a very overhauled economy (less reliance on shrines but access to factories).

New options from the consulate such as cheaper and individually-trained European artillery.


woa, french revolution

Agreed, which is why it shouldn’t be a buff, but an alternative path equally (with particular benefits and downsides) in power to the traditional path. They’ve already done this with France for example.

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irl the Meiji Restoration was both a time of modernization and the end of isolationism, so it’s weird that in-game it’s a downgrade from regular age up and something you get through isolationism.


maybe someone want to create a mod for that?

yeah, but maybe the isolation itself is why they did the meiji restoration

In my Campaign Civilization mod I did toyed with Meiji Restoration tech, it will give you Imperial Musketeer, Skirmisher, Hussar, Dragoon and European Arty etc. Dojo turn into Bank, AI 100% go for it and become OP as hell. Its only a demonstration of what could be though so it not perfect. Accompany with my Unit reskin mod give them some Meiji looking style skin.


dojo turns into bank? seems pretty crazy programming and design wise to change a building into another, i assume they have the same footprint?

personally i think meiji restore should only be like 1 unit or maybe an eco change or what have you, something worth considering compared to a wonder (esp with its cost) but also not one that completely upends the faction.

To throw a random-ish idea, the restoration is the end of the shogunate.

So maybe either u advance to imp without the shogunate or if you already have the shogunate it loses all of its effects and you get a different bonus and/or the age up cost is less. It also cuts off isolationism.

And maybe the upside is an eco bonus of somekind( factory + 10 more vil cap or a big export trickle)

This way it also cuts access to Shogun Tokugawa and all the daimyos from being retrained, which is a big power spike to Japan, also symbolically ends the shogunate. It also remove the aura stats and the +5% atk bonus

I think if its a reform card. It should transform your infantry units into something else.
Yumis into Skirmishers
Ashigaru into Line Infantry(just like Shogun 2)
Samurai- Removed or turned into Tanky Musk like Soldados

Canon guys just same but change model into modern outfits for canon handlers
Yabusame turns into Revolver Rider(Like Shogun 2)
Naginata just change uniform


I’d say it should replace all their units with European equivalents but let some of their abilities, as well as any unique card bonuses, still apply.

For example, let their Ashigaru keep the higher speed when turning into Meiji Musketeers, as well as the benefits of Ashigaru Musketeer Attack and Close Combat.

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sorry, very long time not respond your comments. very interesting mod, how to do that bro?

i hope they adding updates to this game, AoE3DE best for me 'cuz the revolution make it interesting…

Look for Meiji Restoration Prototype mod, i made it so if you research said tech, your flag change to Japan flag as we know today, along with different cards and all units get replaced with western units(but with Meiji skins for Musketeers and Skirmishers).

Speaking of this, I initially suggested that the Meiji Restoration transform the Japanese army into a Westernized reform force, referring to the unit style of the “Total War: Samurai Falls” series. The consulate alliance also changed to three countries with stronger influence on modern Japan, namely the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. In terms of flags, I also preferred the Japanese royal family’s red chrysanthemum flag, which was more representative and influential than the modern Japanese flag during this period