Meinwerk Palace needs a Special Unit

Memewerk Palace just needs the same treatment Abbey of Kings got in the English civ.

While the last updates to the landmark with the special technologies was cool, it’s obvious that it wasn’t enough for the landmark to be viable. The landmark just doesn’t give any good timing to the HRE, whatsoever. It just put them on a timer and slows them to reach the Castle Age, which derails the entire purpose of the civ.

Maybe give it a Special Unit just like the English got the King? This way it would open more strategies for HRE and maybe even give them a little more play in Feudal more than the afterthought that it’s now for this civ.


Could be some kind of mega prelate you can only make one of. Bigger healing range, maybe a single target convert ability.

Or it could be another unique infantry they can make a bunch of.


Meinwerk gives you a unice armor upgrade for multiple units and cheaper upgrades.
Isn’t that nothing?
It’s pretty strong for age2 fights and gives you an advantage in lategame.

No need for flying pink elephant prelate supermen.

tbh, all it needs is to give +2 armor to vills. Along with all the current stuff.
That would be interesting…


Yes, it can be, the truth would not be bad either…

That’s true, I usually go ahead with the Meinwerk Palace because I know that in the long run it will pay off overall…the super prelate would suit the Aachen Chapel better…

For the Holy Roman Empire I said that it had these unique units:

Villager’s Cart (replaces the standard villager) and Prelate (Dark Age)


Teutonic Knight (replaces Holy Roman Empire MAA) (Feudal Age)


Hussite Wagon (replaces the Springald) and Lanschkenet (Castle Age)


Reiter/Ruyter/Black Rider (it’s like an Archer Horseman but he shoots with a pistol like AoE 3) (Imperial Age)

Reiter or Schwarze Reiter (“black riders”, anglicized swart reiters) were a type of cavalry in 16th to 17th century Central Europe including Holy Roman Empire, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsardom of Russia, and others.[1]

Contemporary to the cuirassier and lancer cavalry, they used smaller horses, for which reason they were also known as Ringerpferde (corresponding to the French Argoulets). They were originally recruited in the North German Plain, west of the Oder at the time of the ############# #################################################### of 1546/7.

The Reiter raised firearms to the status of primary weapons for cavalry, as opposed to earlier Western European heavy cavalry which primarily relied upon melee weapons. A Reiter’s main weapons were two or more pistols and a sword; most Reiters wore helmets and cuirasses and often additional armor for the arms and legs; sometimes they also carried a long cavalry firearm known as an arquebus or a carbine (although this type of horsemen soon became regarded as a separate class of cavalry—the arquebusier or in Britain as harquebusier).



German style Reiter cavalry, c. 1577



one idea could be it get a footman knight. that has same armour as a knight and attack in-between maa and knight. cost can be 140 food 40 gold. like roman legionary.

Your comment has just revealed some interesting things to me, one of them I already had in mind but you gave me the clue I needed to give it weight:

For unique units and bonuses, the creators consider the use of old unique units and bonuses from previous games if they refer to the same unit:

  • The English longbowmen, unique English unit in both AoeII, III, and IV.
  • The HRE has villagers that carry more resources, reference to Aoe3 was the Villager Cart.
  • The streltsy of the AoeIV costs little as it historically was, and is a reference to the cheap Streltsy of the Aoe3, but with the correction that although it cost little, he was an elite soldier.
  • The Poleaxe of the Rus Knights is a reference to the battle ax used by Aoe2 Boyars, and also has its reference to various types of ax being used by Rus knights.
  • The Full Barding of the HRE IV, apart from having its real reference in the full barding armor of some German nobles, was also already represented as a bonus in Aoe2 for the Teutonic Knights (Barracks and Stable units receive +1/+2 melee armor in the Castle/Imperial Age). The armor bonus to infantry from the Aoe2 is referenced in the Riveted Chain Mail technology.

That being the case, it would not be a surprise if some Civ ideas from other games, which have their representative in AoeIV, also provide new units, unless the references already exist:

Villager Cart.- That being the case, I don’t think the Villager Cart can be added, because it “Already Exists” with the villagers bonus “Pushcarts” that allows them to pick up 40% more resources. Another thing would be that it was an aesthetic variation and when collecting the German villagers they bring out a donkey with a cart, even if it is one of those ghostly golden ones that come out when you build buildings, otherwise it will seem that all the German villagers walked with donkeys.

Teutonic Knight.- Could be, if they consider ruling out a future Teutonic Civ. They were allies of the Holy Roman Empire and several Order holdings were on their territory, but I’m honestly not sure: the HRE Men-at-arm is already an iconic Civ unit, so I’d prefer it not to replace it. Of course, although they formed their own separate kingdom, the order was founded by “German Soldiers (of the HRE at that time)”, and many of its authorizations were given by HRE emperors. Maybe it could be added in a similar way to special units: like the Winguard Guard or the Sultan’s Elephant, that you can create a group of them in some Landmark, but they are expensive and obviously by only being able to build a group, you can’t amass them en masse.

Hussite Wagon.- If we rule out a future Bohemian civ it could be. Overall, the Hussite rebellion only lasted a few decades, and Bohemia returned to be part of the HRE, plus its technology lasted. On the other hand, the Bohemian kingdom’s medieval history has always been linked to that of the HRE, so it is difficult for me to give it its own Civ. Curiously, there is an anecdote about their use outside the country: In fact, Cortéz, who knew the technology of the Hussite wagons (probably because by the time of Carlos V, Spain was united with the HRE) used them against the Aztecs in 1520 while He was locked up in the Aztec palace before the Sad Night, although he named him “Ingenios”. It is not clear if he got the idea from the bohemians (it seems that he did) but anyway he used it and it worked.

Reiter.- It seems to me a better unique unit for the Germans than for the Dutch, because in fact they were invented in the HRE, and on top of that during the time of Carlos V, which is the final portrait obtainable by HRE masteries . That on top of that they had to be “German” to be in the mercenary corps, makes it an excellent option as a unique new unit for the Imperial age. Of course, as a design it could have that of Black Night. Of course, since he uses pistols, old ones on top of that, he should have a lousy range (Range: 3 or 3.5). If they’re going to be anti-cavalry, they might have the same weakness as the Janizaro: 50% more damage from ranged units.

Others If it had been Season III, I would suggest special light cavalry and heavy cavalry with Full Barding… but there are already unique technologies to represent them by giving base units more armor (righteous from the Meinwerk palace), so In theory, for that field they are already fine.

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Of course, that’s why I say it…they take a lot of units and bonuses from the previous games…and the units I say already appear in previous games (AoE 2 and AoE 3)…

Yes, it could be an aesthetic improvement either in castles or imperial age…

Of course, something similar… that if they don’t create in the barracks, they create in the Burgrave’s palace next to the lanschkenet…

Yes, that’s why I say it… as Bohemia is part of HRE (even appearing in the Mongol campaign), the Hussite Wagon would be like a reference to them…

Of course it can be the Reiter or the Black Knight…

There are also possibilities to implement the Landsknecht in a more fitting manner:

Available in age IV:

  • Arquebus Landsknecht, which would be a better but more expensive version of the Handcannoneer. Landsknechte were mercenaries, thus expensive but powerful. Maybe with a formation bonus of some sort, since Landsknechte were famous for their formations.

  • Landsknecht in form of an elite spearman that has more range, more hp, a higher base attack as well as movement speed that gains a bonus in resilience and attackspeed or health regen when used in formation with other Landsknechte in maybe three stages: Bonus 1 with at least 8 Landsknechte, Bonus 2 with 16, Bonus 3 with 24 for example. Naturally they should be more expensive than spearmen, but in the form of higher food cost, lower wood cost, and an extra gold cost of around 40 to 60 for the fact that they are mercenaries. There could also be a halberd upgrade or variation as well as a flamberg one. With different pros and cons.

Other ideas would be Mönchsritter (Monk knight) or Ordensritter (Knight of the Order) (probably some kind of holy heavy cav with some kind of ability or effect). And maybe an Archbishop (a mounted and armored warrior prelate, but not a copy of a warrior monk. He could have an inspiration aura for military as well as villagers. Or he could have a special use ability when carrying a relic. He should probably be a singular unit like the Khan or King).